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SwankdSwankd Member UncommonPosts: 235

So has anyone attempted to play this game? You get to the website and it lets you choose from more than one game. 

Little confused but Ill give it a shot.

Let me know if anyone has done the same!



  • NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21

    The link it sends you to is a browser-based client that lets you play directly from your browser and is used by all IRE games, so that's why there is a link to every other IRE game. If you have any questions while starting out, please feel free to ask Romeo / Juliet (they are guides), ask on the NEWBIE channel by doing something like NEWBIE Help!, or if you're in a House, you can ask them for help using the House-Newcomer-Tells channel by doing something like HNT Help!.

    IRE games have more depth than anything I've ever seen, but don't let it overwhelm you. Consider the depth of Skyrim, then multiply that times a hundred. You'll be playing for a very long time before you get the feeling that you've "won" everything, if you ever do. Enjoy! :)

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    I've tried a few IRE games before, but just didn't get into it for no good reason.

    Are you serious about it being 100x more deep than Skyrim? Because that is very appealing to me.

  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

    Originally posted by Jimmac

    I've tried a few IRE games before, but just didn't get into it for no good reason.

    Are you serious about it being 100x more deep than Skyrim? Because that is very appealing to me.

    Hmm Skyrim vs Achaea is Apples vs Oranges but I would definitely say Achaea is the much deeper experience.

    Skyrim is a single-player RPG that is very in-depth but Achaea is an entirely player-driven world. All of the factions are ran by players. All of the stores are owned by players. The economy is driven by players. When the admins run live roleplaying events, they are almost never scripted, and the admins will add or take away things from the game based on things the players do during the events. It is basically a world that is constantly updating itself based on what the players do, just like real life.

    The closest thing would be EVE Online, with its player economy and politics, but that's a whole other universe.

  • ewlamyewlamy Member Posts: 2

    Hey, Eric Lamy here, producer for two of Iron Realms' other games, Aetolia and Imperian.

    The Iron Realms games are certainly a different experience than Skyrim, being online and text-based, but in terms of immersion there's really no comparison. The content is constantly evolving and the depth of the mythology unrivaled. Unlike in most larger games, the Iron Realms games offer players the ability to directly influence the course of events in their world, as well as to become leaders of the major political organizations in the land. While that's something you can do to some extent in Skyrim, you're just interacting with a bunch of NPCs who might have different response options for you as a result. In Achaea, Aetolia, Imperian, you've got real players from around the world paying homage to you and doing your bidding. That's a big draw for a lot of people!

    If you're interested in trying any of the Iron Realms games, feel free to get in touch with me with any questions.


  • xxKoalaluvxxKoalaluv Member Posts: 6

    not a bad game from what i see so far :) the newbie channel was helpful

  • NomiMNomiM Member Posts: 21

    Yeah, the newbie-helpers are really great and the immersion / "amount of content" comes from you. RPing with a scripted NPC loses a lot of the magic if you even consider the fact that it's just programing, then compare that feeling to RPing with a live person whose reactions you can't look up on a guide somewhere. 

  • AriesianAriesian Member UncommonPosts: 20

    I am glad to see Achaea listed here finally. This was the game that got me into this crazy stuff. Even though I left it a long time ago (it had become too time intensive for my constantly shrinking play schedule) I still have fond memories of being a high ranked official in my city and guild. The depth of this MUD has not been matched by ANY video based I have encountered yet.

    Great roleplay and awesome battles.

    Two warnings: The Gods of Achaea are serious about RP. OOC talk on public channels can get you booted and names like "McLoving" will not be tolerated. Secondly, this game is free to play, pay to win. I dropped an embarrasing amount of money here.

    Still, It was an awesome experience - I regret nothing.

    Ashtan Rules!!!

  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

    I've been playing Achaea for so long, I get kind of sad when I read "I used to play Achaea" stories. It's such a fantastic little universe I can't imagine it ever disappearing.

    Who did you play, Ari?

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    I wouldn't be interested in the IR games due to a comparison to Skyrim. I have actually never played Skyrim. I only mentioned Skyrim because I was curious if Achaea was really 100x more complex than it, as someone else stated. Obviously at least a slight exaggeration, but if Achaea really was so much more complex than a well known, big, open ended rpg, then I knew I would have to give Achaea another (more serious) try. The complexity appeals to me...not a comparison to Skyrim. Sorry for the misundertanding.

    Will be trying it again soon, or maybe one of the other Iron Realms games.

  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433

    The player housing mechanics are pretty unrivaled imo, if you're looking for that sort of customization. You can add as many rooms as you want, describe each room, and buying furniture is pretty complex. for example you can buy an oval wooden table, or maybe a square marble table with a covering of purple silk, there's really no limit.

  • AriesianAriesian Member UncommonPosts: 20

    I should check back here more often.

    My character was Auvoira of the awesome House of the Warlocks in Ashtan. She was daughter to the hero, Captain Helric , student of Askiva the Red Raven, and Ambassador's Aide to the Great City of Ashtan. My nemesis was Osek of Shallam who killed me many times and I never got to kill, even once, ever - and not for lack of trying.

    I have lost most of my files from those days, but having the ability to record everything that happens in a text based game is very useful (thanks CMud and Vadimuses). Especially in Achaea because everything is so player driven. For example:


    You say to Ocelao with a lilting, Ashtani accent, "Do you understand these the Laws of Ashtan?"

    Ocelao says to you, "Yes maim."

    You say to Ocelao with a lilting Ashtani accent, 'Do you agree to abide by these the Laws of Ashtan?

    Ocelao says to you, "Yes maim, I do."

    You say with a lilting, Ashtani accent, "Please repeat after me this the Creed

    of Ashtan:."


    The stars wink into existence, familiar constellations illuminating the night with tales of myth and legend.


    Ocelao nods his head emphatically.

    You say with a lilting, Ashtani accent, "We, the citizens of Ashtan, dedicate ourselves to the ideals of freedom. We declare our liberty to live as we choose, with the foreknowledge that choice begets consequence. We recognize each person's unique vision, and affirm the value thereof. We embrace the paradox of freedom; unity through individuality, strength through diversity. We acknowledge our debt to the past, turn a resolute gaze to the future, and seize our destiny."


    Your enhanced senses inform you that Laiila has entered Parade of Zarathustra before statue nearby.




    (Ashtan): You say, "Please take a moment to welcome our newest citizen *Ocelao* to the Bastion of the North."





    That is enough of "let me tell you about my character". It is a great game.


    My complaint about the item shop in an earlier post should be tempered by the fact that you never have to spend a penny to buy anything. Credits can be obtained purely through game play, I was just far too impatient.


    Go, Warlocks!


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