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Review -Dragona

JevinieJevinie Member Posts: 8

Immediately I was attracted to the dazzling visuals, the art work stood out immediately as being unique and refreshingly elegant, but like a fly to the bug zapper I found game play immediately lacking in substance. The same old point and click engine used by so many other point...and click.... "MMOs" well, not to be shallow I proceeded to play for an hour or so onward. But lets go ahead and break down the pros and cons here, as this game had little of substance to offer and din't keep my attention long enough for a"full" review.

[Positive] Visuals 

[Positive] Artwork

[Negative] Heavy Restrictions on speech

[Negative] unnatural movements ( no WASD )

[Negative] Gender locked classes

[Negative] Lack of action

[Negative] Hum-drum game play

Over all Score: 6/10

My suggestion is the game designers go back to the drawing board and redesign the game mechanics all together to have more...Game... in the game. Otherwise it wont survive long in a game market that is hottly competeing for players not only with every other MMO out there.. but with Xbox360 and etc. aswell.



  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    this is a very lacking review... pretty much paints a bleak picture of this game O-o

    if you are going to review agame spend a few days on it and give a more discritive review of it... instead of a mcdonalds happymeal review of it..

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  • JevinieJevinie Member Posts: 8

    I was honestly so unimpressed that I dint stay long, so a Mcdonalds happy meal version is what you get this time.  Reviews are about catagorizing an opinion and in this case my opinion was formed based on a long extending history of Hum-drum MMOs.  the truth is to sum this game up even further than my "Happy meal" review  is in a single sentence "Nothing special to see here." 

  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 1,986

    Dragona is MMO Lite. It's a browser game in a client form and a great addition to someones collection as a side game.

    If you pay close attention, the animations are just that. They are animations of ambulance from 3D engines. This game is the product of a company making use of innovation in low budget and unique ways. The click to move and basic combat are not the true draw of the game, the animations are. It's eye candy. I think it was released in hopes of making some money. They for whatever reasons can't do it for free anymore. Best of luck to them and I do see me offering them a bit of cash myself based on what they offer in thier store. Hopefully they continue to develop the game after it builds up the bank and they add more character packs, morphs and armors.

    I give it 8/10 for creativity alone. I don't think they were trying to trick us or defraud us. They never claimed to be a WoW killer or even worth a Sub. They offer a store to allow us a chance to donate if we enjoy the game.

  • JevinieJevinie Member Posts: 8

    To each their own, My tastes are a bit grander... or maybe my standards are just higher. Originality got it the 6/10. The game just isn't fun calling it a "MMO light" is a cop out for failure to provide anything new in a game besides some attractive art work.

  • rfernan9rfernan9 Member Posts: 27

    I've been playing Dragona and the keys for movement (ASWD) were working, just thinking. Did you really play this game or you just want to say negative things about it? For me the game is not Hum-drum. If you know the game you cannot say these things. Your just a bad critic and not a gamer at all..

  • ClassicstarClassicstar Member UncommonPosts: 2,697

    [Negative]community one of worse ive ever seen.
    [Negative]Constant repeating quest same over and over again.
    [Negative]Real money you win in this game also becouse of Goldsellers.
    [Negative]Mobs wait to be slaughtred no AI at all rediculous PVE game.
    [Negative]PVP not only boring ive done 10 matches its constantly same instance with same objectives lol realy stupid PVP.
    [Negative]Most don't talk or just so rude talking some foreign language i can't understand i think majority is from eastern europe. And they have there objective and just leave group or just unbind party not take in concideration if others still need an objective lol what assholes in Dragona realy realy bad players:( Becouse of this done maybe Bagdal instance ship quest 10 times before group stays and realy wanne finish lol.

    Oh and i have played untill lvl23 so i fair knowledge of game how it works and its community.

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  • fenistilfenistil Member Posts: 3,005

    Low-budget flashy asian pve with anime-looks with low mount of content.


    There are dozens of games like that out there.





    Avoid at all cost.

  • ArawulfArawulf Guest WriterMember UncommonPosts: 586

    No WASD? Did the OP even play? WASD works fine.

    I was actually impressed by the graphics.  The gameplay is pretty standard, although the transformation mechanic is interesting.

  • socalsk8trsocalsk8tr Member Posts: 65

    I played this game for about a month before I waited to see how a few certain mechanic's were gonna work on it specifically gear drops from pve/pvp from players the set up they have is ridiculous basically get ready to pay 2$ per equiped item to keep it upon death if it was going to drop.


    You can drop at any random death in a dungeon from pve they kept saying it was supposedly rare or low chance but having dropped things on consecutive deaths I know it wasn't as rare as they claimed it was.They have an item in the cash shop called binding oil which you can use to bind 1 single item to you however if you die and the item you bound was going to drop that death you have to bind it again as the oil gets used up.


    So with a total of about 15 equipment slots get ready to pay nearly 30$ to protect any equipment weapon/armor/accessory/transformation item to keep it if you die. The actuall gameplay was pretty fun fairly fast paced it is however your typical mmo targe mash key's repeat theres no official healer class so tanking in any of the dungeons gets old quick for parties as the two tank classes of the game have a hard time keeping aggro due to the nerf of the skill tree's in the global version.

    They reduced the amount of skill point's everyone is able to get compared to other already released successful versions of the game and nerfed pretty much every other class to the point that instance running is almost a chore and no fun at all even in 20 person raid's.

    The game definitely had potential but the direction they're taking the global version in is sure to fail BoC an hourly pvp event is pretty much pointless as soon as everyone hits lvl20 they have they're full transformation no one stay's in human form or uses partial trans anymore except for the occasional scout laying traps. From then on its pretty much which class is gonna one shot the other class such as assassin's which had a cooldown nerf on one single stealth outta of the 3 they get being able to one shot anyone and even sometimes the tank classes which are 2 of the 8 classes when built properly can withstand the single hit but thats pretty much it the tanks last 2 hits every other class is a one hit.

    I've also gone back to their forums several times checking to see the progress of the game and it seems that after lvl30 most people tend to quit due to the lack of new things to do and the redundancy of things with a lvl cap of 40 it doesn't take long to lose intrest in the game I don't see this company running the global version keeping it long as they seem to be running it into the ground quite fast.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 8,973

    i love this game. The only thing that forces me to log out is the damn UI size.... it takes almost half screen, a huge chat box that reaches almost the center of the screen and it not moveable.... cant resize the UI, or move ir to my personal taste (i hate the UI covering up most of my screen. I try to change to a bigger resolution to make the UI look a tad smaller but the resolution does not even work, no matter what size i apply it does not change. I log in from time to time but this issue makes me log out a couple minutes later

  • jamtestjamtest Member Posts: 1

    I also love this game, the full transformations are so cool and  I like that there is a war every hour! I'll give this a 8/10 score.

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