How much would it cost to make the dream alive again?

BleakmageBleakmage Member UncommonPosts: 176

Look, this game could have had everything, and I think it still can. We need to get our hands on that engine, as the 'demo', i.e. mostly-completed version of the game is included. Make this a community project if the corps can't step up and make it happen. I so looked forward for the chance to play in a world like this one, where each area was governed by a different DM with tools to use on the fly. . . Sure, I dreamt of someday being such a DM. . .

All you would need is one server, maybe a system with 32gigs of ram for starters?

Is is OpenGL? If so, then many people would be able to play it by modern standards.

Have some of the original team involved, if available, all if possible ;D

I have a few k dollars I'd be willing to throw at the project and a computer that could double as a game server if necessary, and happily so :D

I want to play this game way more than any other MMO on the market combined. What does that tell you, Mr. Developer? Get with  it. Need to talk to new owner :D



  • ValendrosValendros Member Posts: 123

    Some days I think if I were rich I'd bankroll Simutronics (although I might get them some project managers to crack the whip on them a bit).

  • BleakmageBleakmage Member UncommonPosts: 176

    If I could just master the tools of one zone. . .omfg I want to do that. This is a game I used to watch religiously. This was the game I wanted. Maybe I can buy the rights to the game if its dead and set up one server, and add to it. Is HJ a single whatever it is like Asheron's Call or does it have zones?

    I wish we knew more, not hearsay. I mean, maybe, just maybe, it's stil alive. They will get alot of attention from TOR so hopefully they can make their HJ dream, and ours, alive again :D

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