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SW:TOR Item's Give Away

VexX gaming wants to invite you to are 24 hour marathon of SWTOR. Those of you that join has a lucky chance to get free items. What Items? We are going to give away a Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Physical Security Key, and 30 Days sub to SWTOR. How do you enter? Follow rules below for chance to win free stuff.


When? 12/20/11, Start of SW:TOR launch.

Time? Starts at 12:01 AM EST on 12/20/11 and end at 12:01 12/21/11

Do you want free stuff? All you have to do is go to those times. Post in the chat saying SWTOR 24h.

You want another entry to dubble your chances? Go to and look under Contests section of the forums and post SWTOR 24h.


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