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Is all the SWTOR hate simply insecure GW2 fainbois?

Not sure I understand the hate.  As anybody knows apathy is the opposite of love, not hate.  So my guess this hate is kind of like the jealous ex-girlfriend type reaction.  Pretty funny.

I personally think both SWTOR and GW2 will be pretty lame in the larger context, but I'll probably end up playing both.  Entire MMO market is steaming piles of poo why hate on a new game?  Hating on it just makes people smile sadly at you, knowing the hates just means you are dieing inside out of jealousy.  Don't worry, GW2 will get its turn in the spotlight next year sometime.  Its ok, there are other fish in the sea...

GW2 "built from the ground up with microtransactions in mind"
1) Cash->Gems->Gold->Influence->WvWvWBoosts = PAY2WIN
2) Mystic Chests = Crass in-game cash shop advertisements

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