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What IP Would You Play Religiously If It Came Out With An MMO (Even if it was a Themepark MMO)

GeminiStaticGeminiStatic Member UncommonPosts: 182

Fallout Online... for me! for sure! I love the single player so much that if it were an MMO it would rock Themepark or Sandbox. (however if it were a sandbox I would cease playing other games entirely! 

Oh and Elder Scrolls but mostly Fallout! 

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  • ForumTrollForumTroll Member Posts: 140

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  • BeegsBeegs Member Posts: 107


    err... Yeah thats what id have said at one time, but they went and screwed that up. I think the actual game is more a decider than the IP. They can screw up any IP...

    If this is yet another question about what IP would you like to see - Consider Phlebas/Culture setting. Alas I doubt this can be done adequately given todays MMO culture and technical limitations.

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  • DrannyDranny Member UncommonPosts: 279


  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Member UncommonPosts: 4,775

    Magic the Gathering, an actual MMO though where you got cards from PvE and PvP. Not this "buy digital cards" lobby game they currently have. 

  • judgex83judgex83 Member Posts: 7

    Yeah I would have to say fallout aswell. Fallen earth did the post apoc setting decent but I belive fallout would knock it out of the park. I would of said warhammer aswell but we all know how that went, how you could possibly botch a game that was designed around a tabletop game that has such a rich storyline and background is beyond me. We can only hope that THQ does it right for 40k. Elder scrolls would be nice but it would just fall into the fantasy setting and im a bit tired of elves and orcs.

  • Logos1326Logos1326 Member UncommonPosts: 240

    Star Trek

    done right by a developer that didn't rush it and took time to actually develop it


  • idgaradidgarad Member Posts: 174


  • RamadarRamadar Member Posts: 167

    Ahh man theres alot to choose from but heres my top 5 IP's I would play everyday.

    1: Buck Rogers (the one TSR made in the 90's)

    2: Forgotten Realms

    3: Red Dead Redemption

    4: DC Heroes (This is how DCUO should have been designed from)

    5: Masters of the Universe

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  • kakasakikakasaki Member UncommonPosts: 1,205

    Humm, for me:

    • Fallout

    • Firefly

    • Game based on Discworld novels by Pratchett

    • Wing Commander/Privateer  

    • BattleTech (great possibility for a sandbox)

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  • Mythios11Mythios11 Member Posts: 129

    Boogie Nights

  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Member UncommonPosts: 4,775

    Originally posted by kakasaki

    Humm, for me:

    • Fallout

    • Firefly

    • Game based on Discworld novels by Pratchett

    • Wing Commander/Privateer  

    • BattleTech (great possibility for a sandbox)

    I could never play a BattleTech MMO, spent to much time in Chicago on the pier playing BattleTech in the pods. After that I can never go back without that realistic feel :( 

  • eye_meye_m Member UncommonPosts: 3,317

    I haven't received the game yet, but Saints Row III is looking like alot of fun. I would really like a fun mmo.

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  • meddyckmeddyck Member UncommonPosts: 1,282

    An IP I like can help draw my attention to a game but ultimately the game itself has to be good to keep me playing. SWTOR is already my dream MMO IP. Only time will tell if it's also my dream game (so far, so good).

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  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030

    Wheel of Time

    Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

    Final Fantasy...oh wait...

  • MetanolMetanol Member UncommonPosts: 248

    I must say that there is no IP what I worship so much, that I would play it even if the game itself was crap. Which I think the topic was hinting towards? But I have no idea again.

    I would however love a Forgotten Realms or Witcher, or why not an Mount & Blade MMO (Calradia!). That setting what's used in Dark Messiah would be very cool too... Ashan? Or what was it?

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  • IcewhiteIcewhite Member Posts: 6,403

    The Book(s) of Swords -- Saberhagen

    Thomas Covenant -- Donaldson

    Ringworld/Known Space -- Niven

    Heechee  -- Pohl

    Ender -- Card

    Neuromancer (et al) -- Gibson

    Moties -- Niven/Pournelle

    Foundation -- Asimov

    Not all of them would be suitable for a great MMO, I don't think, but they all have "deep" enough universes, enough "lore" to work with.

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  • MaquiameMaquiame Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

    The Elder Scrolls



    an mmo based off of the recent transformer single player games, not that ftp filth that is coming out.


    Any mmo worth its salt should be like a good prostitute when it comes to its game world- One hell of a faker, and a damn good shaker!

  • Grotar89Grotar89 Member UncommonPosts: 347

    Fading Suns

    Might and Magic

    A Song of Ice and fire

    Starcraft :) kidding cant imagine it after WoW...

  • ZylaxxZylaxx Member Posts: 2,574

    Yea either Fallout or R.A. Salvatore's version of AD&D Forgotten Realms. Menzoberranzan, Icewind Dale, Waterdeep, the Sword Coast, and the rest of the locales of Abeir-Toril.

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  • MetanolMetanol Member UncommonPosts: 248

    Originally posted by Grotar89


    A Song of Ice and fire


    Damn, I completely forgot about Game of Thrones! Should've said that one, there's a great setting!

    We?re all dead, just say it.

  • toddzetoddze Member UncommonPosts: 2,150

    I dont play MMO's for the name thats stuck on it. Anybody that does is setting themselves up for a dissapointment. Atleast IMO.  Everybody has their own idea of what they would want their favorite IP to be in an MMO. If you havnt noticed some of the strongest opinions on MMO's comes from an MMO that has a big IP associated with it. Look at conan and star wars.

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  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Member UncommonPosts: 4,775

    Originally posted by Zylaxx

    Yea either Fallout or R.A. Salvatore's version of AD&D Forgotten Realms. Menzoberranzan, Icewind Dale, Waterdeep, the Sword Coast, and the rest of the locales of Abeir-Toril.

    If you like Salvatore he's working on an MMO with Todd McFarlane and Ken Rostlen for Kurt Schillings. The RPG they made comes out in a month or two. MMO tba :( 

  • Grotar89Grotar89 Member UncommonPosts: 347

    Originally posted by Ramadar

    5: Masters of the Universe


    Oh childhood memories !!!!  Wish i was kid again :((((

  • fenistilfenistil Member Posts: 3,005



    IP is secondary to game itself.


    Bad or even medicore game cannot be saved by greatest IP in my eyes.


    Great game can have some new world & story designed for this game and does not need well known IP.


    Well known IP is just an icing on cake.  Nice thing, but best icing won't save bad cake...

  • StSynnerStSynner Member Posts: 123

    Marvel Comics (not this crap theyre developing now)

    Stargate (screams MMO. someone should take another look at the idea)

    Pokemon (3D persistent world where you can capture fight and trade Pokemon)


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