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My Review

ZayRoZayRo Member Posts: 1

Dark eden is a game where Vampires and Slayers are fighting against each other, Ousters were then released because the war was getting out of hand and wanted it to get under control.

The first race that I will talk about are the vampires. Vampires use their own blood for to use skills other than mana, so you must take in consideration how often you use high blood consuming skills if you want to survive. From the levels 1-150 for a vampire, in order to get the maximum amount of experiance from each monster, you need to lower the monsters health and use the skill blood drain on it, which gives you 70% of the experiance, and then killing it gives the last 30%. All the monsters in the game are also vampires. 

There are two different types of routes you can take as a vampire, either a close-combat type vampire or a mage type vampire.

I'll start about the close-combat type,  the close-combat vampire use their nails for attacking and usually must be up close to do the majority of their damage, they also have a few long range skills that should be used to get the most amount of damage in the shortest possible time, while also moving around and dodging enemy attacks. close-combat vampires generally stack all their ability points into the Dexterity attribute so that they can hit and dodge just about any other enemy that they encounter, which in turn makes them survive longer. You will add Strength later on once you think you can dodge and stay alive long enough in the harder maps.


The next type of vampire is the mage, the mage generally keeps his distance from his enemy by kiting around them and blasting them with all the spells they have. Mage vampires generally add a low amount of Dexterity for extra defence and the ability to glide more quickly and the rest into Intelligence. Mage vampires are a lot better at staying alive in maps with lots of monsters because of their sheer amount of skills that affect an area and by combining those skills with items that will have HP Steal on it, so that every time they damage a monster, they also get some Health Points back.


The next race I will be talking about are the slayers. Slayers use different types of weapons and they use mana to use skills unlike the vampires, using blood. Slayers can be turned into vampires if they are biten by one and do not cure themselves in the time limit that is given to them, if they are turned into a vampire, they will lose their items and start as a level 1 vampire.

There are five different classes of a slayer: Blader, sworder, gunner, healer, and enchanter.

I will talk about the blader first. Bladers, as the class suggests, use a blade which has to be wielded with both hands. Bladers do massive amounts of damage, and have a few skills that have an area of effect, but they do not have much Dexterity and will often miss.

The next class is the sworder, which uses a one handed sword and shield, the sworder does less damage than the blader, but also attacks much more quickly and has a bit more defence due to the shield, sworders also do not have a lot of Dexterity, but still have a better chance of hitting than a blader.

The next class is the gunner, which uses a gun. While the gunner doesn't have massive damage or health, it has extremely high defence and tohit, so that any good gunner can be a challenge for any other melee type character.

The next class is the healer, which uses a cross. The healer is a support type class, which has a lot of healing skills and a lot of resistance buffs. The healer can also be a good assault and solo class if you play it right and use your skills wisely.

The last class is the enchanter, which uses a mace. The enchancter is another support type class, which focuses mainly in general and stat buffs. The enchanter, like the healer, can also do very well as an assualt or solo class if you learn to control it correctly.

The last race are the ousters. Ousters are a mix breed of a vampire and a slayer, they don't use mana or health points to use skills, they use something which is similar to mana called EP, which can be regenerated by potions or using a skill on a corpse of a monster that will refill your EP. Ousters cannot be turned into a vampire or a slayer.

There are four different types of ousters: Fire, water, earth, and combat

The fire ouster, as you probably imagined, uses fire based skills and has massive damage and can take out most opponents very quickly, but a fire ouster also has low health, defence, and protection, so they can also be taken out very quickly if they are not careful.

The water ouster, again as you probably guessed, uses water and ice based skills which will slow the enemy and does moderate damage, but also has supportive type skills to keep their teammates alive. They also have moderate health, defence, and protection.

The earth ouster, AGAIN as you probably guessed, uses earth type skills that does moderate damage and has a few buff type skills that increase your resistance to melee type attacks massively. The earth ouster probably has the highest amount of defence and protection than any of the elemental type ousters just because of the buffs it possesses, but this buff can also be used on teammates.

The last type of ouster is the combat ouster, which uses a weapon called a chakram to attack. The combat ouster generally does moderate damage, but can attack very quickly and move very swiftly, making them hard to target and land hits on.


This review was mostly about races and classes within each race, so there is still a lot more to this game that can be explored by you!

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