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DarkEden Online

xDusk12xDusk12 Member Posts: 1

Do you like smashing faces?, and proving your worth? well have i got a game for you!. Darkeden is like a supercharged version of Diablo. Darkeden consists of three races, all of which are eqaully strong in their own aspects. In my Opinion Darkeden ignited has given players alot of reasons to play, more reasons than any of the leading competitors.


The races consist of different classes for example. 


Vampire consists of 2 classes, Mage and Melee.


Melee= Melee vampires, have many high speed skills that let you get in quick and finish it. For example (set a fire->zenith->wild wolf) basic combo of skills. Melee vampires can tank just about anywhere with high defense and protection.


Mage= Mage vampires have a higher damage output then melee vampires, but are generally slower depending on your stat build. Skills like (Venom circle -> Nus of wrath -> Meteor strike) have a great effect against other races. Though the damage output is great, Mage vampires usually have very low defense, but HIGH hpsteal which allows them to survive.




Ouster consists of 4 classes( Fire,Earth,Water,Combat) 3 elemental 1 combat.


Earth ouster= Earth ousters are equipped with high defense buff's that allow the party to survive better, along with high damage attacks such as( Astroid Bomber->Fury of Gnome->Tendril) Personally my favourite Ouster class. It's durable and strong.


Fire ouster= Fire ousters have the highest damage output of any race/class.  Though they are not very durable, Fire ousters can kill players/monsters faster then they  can die. With skills like (Incinerate->Prominence->Rings of flare) PvP and PvE is extremely easy for this class, but if you manage to get in close with a melee vampire and use strategy, a Fire ouster can be defeated.


Water ouster= Water ousters are the healers of the ouster race. Waters are highly needed in the ouster community, with skills like(Ice Horizon->Soul Rebirth->Frozen Glacier->Nymph recovery)Not as good with PvM as other classes, But they can revive players,heal them and has a high damage output with frozen glacier. harder to kill then Fire ousters but still killable, because water has a lower DPS rate it relies on outliving its enemy by healing.


Combat ouster= Combat ouster is the speed of the ouster race, Speed/defense/tohit makes a combat ouster a merciless enemy. Combat ousters have skills like (Ducking wallop-> Charging attack->Sharp Hail->Brionac) making a combat out of these skills Including (teleport) which is a common skill among ousters, lets you move around a map extremely fast either to kill an enemy or flee. Not a High damage output but a fast skills make up for that.



Slayers have 5 classes (sword,healer,enchanter,blader,gunner)


Sword= Sworders have a high crit output which makes up for the lack of damage. When a skill crits it knocks back your enemy and hits them hard taking a good chunk of hp. Sworders can move fast with skills like (Bike crash->Flash sliding->Blitz sliding)They use skills like (Heavenly spark) for damage and hp steal. A sworn enemy of elemental ousters, Sworders are known to be strong against them.


Gunner= Gunner is a very high DPS class, but very slow moving. If you get caught out in the open by a gunner you're toast. The skills for Gunner consist of (XRL->Satellite bomb->Sniping) in my opinion Gunner is the easiest class to play, you cant move around as much as other classes. All you do is stand there and shoot.


Healer= Healer has the second highest damage output next to fire ousters. Healers can heal/revive/buff you aswell as use skills like (Genesis-> Vigor drop->cause critical wounds) Just like gunners they cant move around as easy, but they make up for it with their damage and durability.


Enchanter= Enchanters are just liked Earth ousters with buffs, but have more detailed buffs like (Grail->Holy armour->Bless->Striking). With powerful buffs and high damage skills Enchanters are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to melee classes. Very weak against mage characters, like Fire ousters.


Blader= Bladers are generally the tanks of slayers next to Gunner but lack good mobbing skills. Bladers are equipped with skills like (Blaze walk->Dragon tornado->Blade storm) in PVP blader is very strong against Mage classes, but not as strong against melees depending on the opposing characters stat build.

Darkeden ignited is a fairly new server. They are as updated as the KR server which has the most players out of any server. Ignited is a north american server which has a variety or personalities and people playing. Generally an 18+ game it stills attracts a younger audience.


I have played many servers over the years, this was seems to have a different feel then the others and i like it. With new skills, armour and old players. It is likely to be the best server to come out in years. New maps and bosses have been added like, Dracula lair (dracula boss), Rupert island which has many new monsters to kill.

new skills consist of 



Blader - Blaze Walk 2 / Gladiator

Sworder - Crushing Storm

Gunner - Satellite Bomb 2

Enchanter - Bless 2 / Striking 2 / Intimate Grail 2 / Holy Armor 2

Healer - Glory Ground / Passing Heal 2 / Great Heal 2



Combat - Chain of Demon

Mage - Bloody Skull

Common - Rage of Blood



Combat - Allyster Wind

Fire - Flame Sight

Water - Life Aqua of Radchia

Earth - Spiral Megalith

Common - Breath of Dryad


With active GM characters ingame helping people and Admins that help people on the forum. Darkeden Online is off to a promising start.

Darkeden is set in a apocalyptic mood, kinda like a zombie movie you can actually play in. But instead of zombies the world is infested by vampires. Slayers being the last humans fight for survival against vampires and the ousters. Ousters are said to be the PERFECT race that has awoken when the outbreak of vampires occurred. Neither male or female.

I played both CBT1 and CBT2 and the admins/GM's did a marvelous job at repairing bugs and aiding players in need. You start off with starter items like HG/exp stones and gear, which is a great help for leveling in game. I met lots of players good ones and bad ones, different personalities and ethnicities. GM Maia is ingame almost every day helping players and shows a genuine interest in learning about Darkeden, it's quite refreshing from the stuck up egotistical GMs you usually see. I think they did a great job and im proud to say im sticking with ignited games. Though more events would be nice ;).


Official launch starts December 14th 6pm PST come out and enjoy it with us :)

i hope you enjoyed my review on Darkeden

 welcome to the world of Darkeden

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