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Blood, demons and much more !


If u like Hellsing, Underworld, etc. Then you belong in the dark and sinister world of Darkeden

There is no other game that can create such a dark atmoshpere when playing.

It is time for Ignited Games to take over the Helean world and for us to conquer the Vampire Empire!!!

The game lets u choose between 3 main races:


-combat: Very agile and deadly in close combat


-Mage: These creatures from hell summon the most demonic powers to slowly

 torture the infidels.



The race with all the shining u can ever imagine. From 5 classes to choose none is very powerful at its own.

The slayer race is group-based leveling community. When a group is formed with all the essentials classes nothing can stop them.


Gunners: Skilled in the art of the militair and tanking everything.


Sworders: Don't get in a fight with them, they'll slash you in bits.


Bladers: The big brothers of sworders. their origin lies in the Far east where the oriental and asian folklore got mixed with martial arts.

Enchanters: As a buffing class these fellow slayers play a significant role in almost every action or quest slayers do. They deal great damage and "lend" their damage to teammembers.


Healers: as the name says these deadly monks have been trained in the art of healing and praying to purify the demons!



Wartime at slayercastle!


When this class was introduced most of the players didn't realise what an incredible opponent they had gained. almost unbeatable in party these half vampire half elf-like being are deadly when alone.


Mage: the mage classes consist of Water, Fire and Earth ousters.


Combat: same as a combat vampire but with shaper xena-like circlets!

But this is not everything. Lairs, Quests, Wars, clanwars and much more await you if u dare to enter this imaginary dark world!

While being in the beta testing phase, over 1300 people have subscribed on their facebook site. Be the 1300+1!

Don't look at this as a review but as a friend recommending an insanenly high addictive game !


Visit http://dk.ignitedgames.com/center/default.asp

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