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Any news/tracks of these rpg's?

tazarconantazarconan Member Posts: 1,013

We were talking with some friends about rpg's that can be played coop as campaign and recalled Dungeon Lords 2 which could be played as coop was on the works for way long time. Its name is The orb and the oracle but after searching the net couldnt find any news about if it's stopped as a project,pushback or still under work. We played at past with those friends Dungeon Lords coop and despice bugs it was fun.

Elveon as well was a very promising rpg on the works but seems that also stopped. Anyone got any infos about those 2 rpg's? or any other promising rpg's apart Amalur which most ppl are aware of it?

Age of decadance seems intresting as well(turn based combat) but it seems its delayed as well.

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