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It Bears the Name and Lacks the Game

There is absolutely nothing Heroes of Mighs and Magic over this game, apart from looks. The game play is bland and boring and meant to suck your wallet dry, like any other online strategy browser game.

If you try this out, looking for Heroes of Might and Magic play, you'll be sorely disappointed. You do not get to ride your horse around and check out strange places and collect stuff and kill things. You do not get to control your units during battle.

You get to build up your city. You get to send out units to kill stuff and then wait for their return. You get to upgrade resource buildings and build buildings around your city to advance your units. You get to do what you get to do in any other browser based strategy game.

I found this game to not be worth neither paying for nor playing.

"So I contend that the player stories will always be more powerful than the scripted stories that we try to tell the players."

- Will Wright

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