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Karnage69Karnage69 Member UncommonPosts: 319


Dear **********,


Thank you for sharing your time in Neo Steam and steampunking it up with us for the past two years. We take pride in being in the first Atlus Online title and the last-standing Neo Steam server in the world. It's with deep regret that we must now announce:


Atlus Online will shut down its Neo Steam service on February 8, 2012.


Starting today, you and all your friends will be granted the benefits from all previously run server events in the upcoming months of December and January. That means more EXP, more TP, no death penalties, increased drop rates, unlimited Neo Steam, the works! We will hold nothing back in delivering the best Neo Steam has to offer.


If you still have Neo Steam Gears, you will have access to the Premium Item Shop until January 4, 2012. All unused Gears will revert back to Atlus Crowns, ready for use with all current-and yet-to-be-announced-games.


Citizen of Chrysalis, thank you for your support. Let's celebrate together and go out with a bang!



Respectfully Yours,


Atlus Online


  • hybridchichybridchic Member Posts: 20

    I saw this in my email and on their site and I cried. A lot.

    And then I found out a short while ago that ijji was being taken over by AGE which pissed me off cause they are the worst in online gaming in terms of customer service.



  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    This game was really decent, but I couldn't bring myself to play it once I realized the 'security' software they used would root my system. It would probably have worked out fine, but when I can play some of the largest and smallest MMORPG without administrative permissions and they don't root my system, I have a hard time accepting that this game would need those permissions.

    Other than that, the game really was fun to play. The combat was pretty fast, the characters were engaging and the graphics were kind of like walking through a candy store. I played all through beta, until release when the whole security software thing happened.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • GreasyGhoulGreasyGhoul Member Posts: 12

    Originally posted by lizardbones

    This game was really decent

    No it wasn't. Stop kidding yourself. 

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