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Click me! Landroval player looking for fellowship

Before I begin, if you're on the fence about joining the game, join it! it's really, really fun. The new expansion might leave some people unhappy, but all the content before that is pretty fantastic (if you like a good story or are a Lord of the Rings fan). If you're curious, start a character on Landroval and I'll give you a tour!

Now, I just started this game last week and I've soloed my way to 26. Loving teh game; however, i've done nothing BUT solo (I've been run through a few instances, but I dont think that counts). Soloing in an MMO feels dumb. I've been trying to find people to group with over the chat, but everyone seems to either be braindead, mute, or just antisocial when it comes to grouping.

Now, i'm not worried about getting to end game, as I know i can solo everything (and I will if that is my only option), but I would like to experience the game in a fellowship; working together with friends to defeat the big baddies is what an mmo is about (to me at least). i want to get a group and fight for my life deep in some dungeon. That way, when I win, I actually feel like i've accomplished something. When I get a bunch of 75's to run me through the place it just feels boring. The loot has no meaning then.

Anyway, I guess what i'm asking is does anyone to group up and get some of the less played content done. If you want, start a new character and I'll do my best to help you out. Or,  if you're on the server already, start an alt, or message me with a character you already have.

If you've read this wall of text, well, hopefully you're intersted. The names of my characters are Kotuil and Klormin. I'm on quite a bit (by that I mean A LOT, I love this game), and I plan on sticking around for awhile. Either send me a tell in-game or, if i'm not on, send me a message via the in-game mail.


  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    Partly it's because of your server - people on Landroval are pretty much stuck up, and won't deign to talk to anyone outside of their guild (kinship). I would suggest re-rolling on a less snobbier one (I've spent 1000 hours on it, so I can judge them, I think)


    Partly because early on, like from 20-28 or so, you had two choices - the Lonelands and the North Downs. The Lonelands was revamped (while still P2P) to remove most of the grouping quests because no one grouped anymore and there were very few new players.

    The North Downs still has a lot of group stuff, but no one wants to do it, becaues the rewards stink and because it's not free, like the Lonelands.

    And frankly, a big problem with LOTRO is the limited number of classes. I like making alts, but ugh, once you have 2 of each class it's not a lot of fun anymore.

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • OdyssesOdysses Member Posts: 581

    I disagree, Landroval for the most part is one of the most friendly and helping communities you will find in any MMO. 

    One thing you will definitely want to do is to join the glff channel.  As with any mature MMO the lower levels are not always extremely populated especially later in the evening.   So you may have 100 total lvl 30ish players but there spread across 10 different area's and won't be able to see you local LFF request.  Also try to find a guild that has players in your level range.

    The game has trended toward less world group quests and more instanced 3 and 6 man content over the last 2 years.  so GB, GA, Fornost and Annuminas along with Skirmishes and Book quests will be your main form of group content from lvl 20-40.

  • David_LopanDavid_Lopan Member UncommonPosts: 813

    Landroval has the best community I have ever witnessed. Start a toon there and ask for help and see what happens, its that magical.

  • Cthulhu23Cthulhu23 Member Posts: 994

    Originally posted by trancejeremy

    Partly it's because of your server - people on Landroval are pretty much stuck up, and won't deign to talk to anyone outside of their guild (kinship). 

    Absolutely, 100% incorrect.  The Landroval server is the single best community I've ever experienced in any MMO.  If someone has an issue with the people on that server, they probably should be taking a look in the mirror rather than pointing fingers. 

  • flavadorflavador Member Posts: 13
    Ever find a Kinship on Landroval?
    I've been guildless for a few months an am looking to join up with a new group.
    Polabald & Flavador
  • lat00uklat00uk Member Posts: 28

    Only ever been on Eldar and I really like this server....

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