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LoTRO inc.

Hey gamers! just wanted to let you know I've been looking for a game to join and I've decided on Lotro... if anyone wants to play or already is playing and would like to help out someone please write me back here so we can meet up! willing to play anything (playing a warden atm) just looking for friends and enjoy a game :)


  • Riverleaf_BRiverleaf_B Member Posts: 17

     Yes,I want to play LotRO,and I'm still working on getting the high def version downloaded. I want to be a female human loremaster.

  • surfer88surfer88 Member Posts: 33

    Wonderful! let me know when you get it! im playing on firefoot currently... i have a 18 warden on my account atm but i can play something with you to level till you catch up and i will play another character when your not online.

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