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East Coast, Fox Channel primetime, Family Guy commercial.. DCUO

popinjaypopinjay Member Posts: 6,539

Was watching a Family Guy rerun on Fox (the one where Stewie makes the time machine) and during the commercials, up pops the DCUO commercial.

Looks like SoE is starting to ramp up it's advertisement cycle for the holidays.

As far as advertisement on major channels, I'm pretty sure all we'll be seeing in the next month coming is:

1. DCUO commercials

2. WoW commercials

3. SWTOR commercials

Can't see any other company making enough money or having enough money in their corporate assets to match these three companies for prime slots. Some may go to the lesser channels which few people watch anymore (G4TV, SyFy, etc) but probably not enough to justify the dollar amounts in a budget vs return on possible subs coming in.

Anyways, grats to Sony for finally getting smart at the right time. Advertising this far out puts the brand in full view and the F2P aspect will surely snag some Moms and Dads who are shopping around in Gamestop and Best Buy.

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