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Brief review and Warnings

kyuhodakyuhoda Member Posts: 4

First of all, it's GPotato. I've used this I dunno since far back that I can't even remember.

so be prepared for rude customer service or none at all.

As for the game, it's great. you can manage and have fun til about 30ish (and even further if you love PVP and enthusiastically engage in it) when the game becomes kinda messed up. I personally got confused in the contested area and with the lack of population, war wasnt fun either. it's a personal claim so as i wrote above if you like PVP much, try it.


itemshop....okay. you can live without it, but i doubt anyone would b able to resist the temptation...looking at people wearing shiny wings and mounts. 


now real warning :  I was scammed by the company, which is why I quit and came here to warn. there was this promotion for charging... you supposely get bonus ingame items when you charge. I bought a package on 22nd of Nov, and stil havent received anything. in the forum they say all the purchases made prior to 23rd were redeemed, but I wasnt. I sent a ticket, made posts but they deleted my posts and ignored my ticket.

Also, in game I was overcharged by the itemshop but again, they ignored my ticket and forum posts.


this doesnt happen to everyone and maybe I'm the only one, but having been with Gpotato for a while, I just dont recommend you get involved with them. 


game's great though...and the community :(

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