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Star Wars and the Cantina

When I think about the idea of star wars and the cantina's in the movies I think of these central locations that were just massively energetic, busy, crowded, and extremely interactive places.  I vision the cantina as the central core place of any planet. 

The cantina should be:

1. Packed with people, different races, cultures etc.

2. The music and activities should be loud, energetic and very interactive.

3. If I was making a star wars game, I would make that single most central place on any planet that everyone meets up.  You can add more interaction for the cantina by closely linking things to it like where you go to trade, train etc. I would create ineractive activities in the cantina that people would want to do. 

Bottom line I think the cantina on a planet should be packed with people, have huge reason for social gathering and be made a place when you are in town that is where you want to be. You will want to go to the cantina to hang out and checkout what is going on etc. The cantina should be the central social space on each planet.  I guess I want to feel like when I play the game I am experiencing the cantina as we saw in the movies.

The cantina in Star Wars game is simply not that, There is no reason for me to hang out there vs any other place.

The cantina should allow for black market trading, shady deals to be made, and other trhings. add some spice to the cantina, that would be awesome.  Heck add in some side games to the cantina if your not wanting to go level at that moment or just want to hang out with friends messing around not really doing anything productive.

Does anyone else think it would be kewl to have the cantina's be more like that? I would love to hear if other peopel think having a place like this in a game would be awesome or what other ideas could help to improve on the idea.




  • karankaran Member Posts: 22

    your describing SWG cantinas. people had to go to cantinas before going hunting and pvping, so that they could get buffs from the (afk) entertainers dancing and playing music there. as such, there was inherent reason to be there so they became social places to hang out even if you didnt need a buff.

    without getting nostalgic, a system like that could be placed into games (including swtor) to make certain central locations social hangouts.

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