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Old School looking for new mmorpg!

larryt25larryt25 Member Posts: 1

im looking for a new game. Im old school, my first mmorpg was UO *(Ultilma Online) and it RULED. I have played multiple games such as Shadowbane, WOW, Aion and Rift. I really liked UO, Shadowbane and WOW but havnet realy liked a game since. Any sugestions on games fixing to come out or recently out? I want in on the first of the game...not after its been out for over 6 months.... to much of a disadvantge. I like pvp.... but i cant play 24/7... so I want a game that you can play casually with skill and its not all about the griding... although some grinding is ok. I know im asking alot.... but love mmorpg's if i can get into them.


Any suggestions?


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