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Is Aion's old sub system still there?

Scooch25Scooch25 Member Posts: 105

I remember way back when Aion came out that they had a subscription system where your time is only used when you are actually online. So if you have an hour of game time and you play for 30 minutes, take a break for a week, you will still be able to log in with 30 minutes of game time left.


Also, the main reason I want to try this game out again is I am sick of WoW and I love PvP (mainly of the spontaneous open world type). I heard Aion has good PvP. I also wanna play it because the graphics are gorgeous and I recently upgraded my 6 or 7 year old computer so I am ready to play some good looking games. (Some people say graphics don't matter..but it is always nice to have a change from always playing with shitty graphics).

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