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Which game for me?

inspectorinspector Member Posts: 4

I like Sci Fi and the best game that I have ever played is SWG. This game is due to finish soon to make way for the new SWTOR. I have just played a little of this game and it is a storline driven game and is different to SWG. Therefore I am not sure if it is for me.  I like the questing and leveling but a game has to be more than that to me. Social aspects such as player events, places to meet, camping out, housing, hobbies a truly immersive online community and one that keeps you coming back.  A combination of space and planet interaction is also a good thing.


I have played everything and I am still stuck for a game that will suit my playstyle. Eve is great graphics fantastic, sandbox so anything can happen at any time, player drive etc but your always in your spaceship you cant land on planets and interact.

There was also another game called Starquest online that actually did have everything and then the devs just left. Unfortunately the UI was terrible and the grahics very poor but I could have tolerated it.


Any ideas here as I love online gaming and I have always been playing something, this year I haven't seen anything much out there?

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