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The "Competitive" community is ruining MMORPG's



  • TorikTorik Member UncommonPosts: 2,342

    Originally posted by Goatgod76

    Originally posted by Torik

    I don't see it as a 'competition' issue.  It allows me a chance to experience all the classes without having to change factions and can thus play with my friends.   I always hated the fact that if I wanted to seriously try a new class that was opposite faction only, I could not chat or group with my friends and guildies.


    I agree with this....but how about a little twist of sorts to make it kinda remotely interesting and different.


    Still more work for the dev's, but not near as much would be to simply make different spell animations, combat moves, and emotes for the same classes (Of the different factions). Maybe have 1 spell or move that is unique to Ranger A of Faction 1 (Say, Barrage- Multi-Arrow shot), and another for the other Factions Ranger class (Say Piercing Shot (Goes through target and can hti an additional target).


    Oh wait, I know why they don't do this. people will cry.


    Since I primarily care about having many unique playing experiences, it really depend on how much those unique features affect the playstyle of the class.   If a game uses talent trees within a class than a few differnt spells can significantly affect how the character plays.  Frost and Fire mages might still be both mages but would usually play much different. 

    If the difference in skills makes the Faction A ranger into a AOE/multi-target close combat class but the Faction B ranger is suitable for single target long range combat than the split might be too great and I would treat them as different classes or subclasses.

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