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Simple way to speed up your internet speed for Diablo 3.

nschnsch Member Posts: 32

I accidentally stumbled upon an easy way to speed up my computer for everything (games, browsing, ect..)

All you have to do make a guest account from your computers control panel. Then go to your guest account and make it your main account. If you transfer all the files, you will no longer need to go back to your original account.

It worked wonders for me. I've had my laptop for 2+ years and it seems like its brand new with internet speed. Usually, computers slow down overtime unless you have a Mac, and then I go and waste money buying a new PC.

Well, that's it. Speed up your computer in less than 5 minutes to "like new" condition.


  • bambookbambook Member UncommonPosts: 180

    have you smoked something I don't know about?

  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Member UncommonPosts: 486

    Originally posted by bambook

    have you smoked something I don't know about?

    i want what he had..

  • tekniko64tekniko64 Member Posts: 58
    Basically you started fresh without all of your apps and spyware. Doing a simple format would offer the same results and actually clean your PC in the process.


  • nschnsch Member Posts: 32

    yeah i will try to clean the pc then  Optimization System

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