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Looking for MMORPG, info inside

NinjatroxxNinjatroxx Member Posts: 3


im an old Anarchy Online player, and im looking for a new MMORPG to play,

i tried wow, but it was as rewarding like sand in your bed.

rift looked horrible, logged off the second i logged on. movement where horrifying.


im concidering warhammer, but that would just help me to wait for warhammer 40k, how is warhammer?

other than that im helpless, i wanted to try lineage 2, but free-to-play doesnt seem like a chick magnet...


*i want a game that looks like warhammer perhaps.

* character customization is what i live for (anarchy online)

i'd like a game where item dungeon knowledge is key to make a lvl 50 as good as a lvl 100.

or a lvl 100 that can kill 4x lvl 100s.

in other words, i wanna be a great tank cuz of easily found or camped or crafted items

and be able to lead teams because of that

*population should be high

*maybe a little like aion, how is that game btw? better than warhammer?

*i also like sci fi, but it need to be character based, not like eve online


i've navigated thru quite alot of web pages, and aint able to find a decent game, someone always find a way for me to not like theyr game of choice.


as i said.. poputation should be high, looks like warhammer aion. and character custommisation should be as complex as a master engineering degree :)


any suggestions? i rly need alot of help on this matter


  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn Member EpicPosts: 3,337

    Warhammer has an unlimited free trial.  I enjoyed the game.  I would play the trial and see what you think.

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • NinjatroxxNinjatroxx Member Posts: 3

    ok, kool, i'll downloadz


    ... but whats the difference from age of reckogning and wrath of  heroes?

    is wrath of heroes some kind of arena pvp game? or the next expansion?

    i dont understand this, because of the betaing of wrath of heroes

  • paulrgodpaulrgod Member UncommonPosts: 240

    I Kind of liked Warhammer though i've never played it for too long - i guess there's something about it that just doesnt hook me,

    Aion is an excellent game - it's not as grindy as it used to be, and the upcoming 3.0 update looks epic.

    I'm currently back playing Lineage 2 and having a blast in it's F2P form, again this has a massive update due on the 30th Nov that looks to improve the New player experience and introduce lots of new stuff.  There's lots of new people playing and the starter zones are literally bustling with new blood, and the people i've spoke to seem to be having fun too..

    Really worth giving it a try - especially if you want a mature game with loads of content - it's free so what's to lose?

  • NinjatroxxNinjatroxx Member Posts: 3

    i've looked a lil on linage, and it does look rather pale...

    it's the same studio that made aion..

    something tells me that linage is just not worth bothering with.

    but it also looks like great fun, i'll download it right away.


    i still need more tips if thats possible ^^

    tywm for the help til now

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