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EvE/Pirates of the Burning Sea type of game.

yuri330yuri330 Member UncommonPosts: 25

Alright I will start off by saying, I am not looking for something that is space/sea oriented. But what I am looking for is a game that has the depth and liberty of EvE by with the level system of PotBS, I don't want an mmo where you train with time like in EvE where 4-5 years old veterans who has every single skill trained has a clear advantage on me where the only way I can ever match with him is if I wait 3 years to train everything to max.


I have more than enough free time so I want something where I can spend all that time training and maxing out my stuff, not waiting for it to train. Now you may say, why don't you play PotBS, well it lacks of the depth I want, PvP is only restricted in some areas plus you have Factions where as in EvE everyone is his own Faction. I am also a big fan of non-combat things to do, like crafting, trading, mining, politics and such, I had much fun being a corp leader of a mining guild in EvE until my little dream got crushed when we got war-deced by a pubstomp Corp that had a Titan.... 


I tried Perpetuum but it's the same style as EvE where skill trains by time.

I also would prefer if the controls are really well implemented, most of the time I like the concept of a game but as soon as I get into it I get turned off by the controls, being a former Guild Wars/ World of Warcraft player I am really fond of being able to press A W E at the same time, meaning I will turn strafe and go foward at the same time, I don't see much non-AAA mmo that makes it available and usually makes me rage-quit the game right away. It reminds me when I  was trying out Runes of Magic, god I got frustrated at the fact I couldn't strafe with A and D while holding down Right Mouse button (Like in WoW, Rift, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, *Insert AAA mmo here*)


That being said I do not mind click-to-move, EvE being one. Also please no cash-shop oriented games like Perfect World and heck please no Asian since most of them now are just copypaste engine/insert cashshop.

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