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LFG something to fill in time :D

R_obboR_obbo Member Posts: 27

Hey guys as said in the title im looking for something to play over the holidays to fill in some time. Im looking for preferably a F2P mmorpg that is some what new or fresh in the market these days. I've tried multiple games so far but be free to mention or recommend any game as I am most then happy to re-try a game. Now im pretty confident in that my computer could run any games graphics at the time so thats not a worry.

Things I like in a game:

Less of a grind however I know im not going to get a game that doesn't have this so not a major thing

Reasonable graphics, not really into anime but dont let that change your recommendations

Im looking for a game that has a fun and well made end game and not all that hard to get to that stage

I also like a bit of variety in classes  in a game so that would be nice :)

but yeah thats about it, help would really be appreciated thank you!

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