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first 30 mins

cylon8cylon8 Member UncommonPosts: 362

I started a sith inquisitor/sorcerer. I had to turn down shardows and tree spawn to correct low fps.  But the graphics still looked damn good. The environments are a little lifeless.  the intitial quest line is captivating even if i did have trouble finding quest contacts especially in the sith academy....maybe im just used to the handholding in free realms a bit much. Combat was fast and fluid...even for a buttion mashing kinda exercise i didnt' feel like i was just hitting the number pad randomly.  character cusomization was mediocre however i gathered that as you level more clothing options come to you via vendors and drops....so maybe it's not too bad.  I'm working to get my companion and ship hopefully before beta ends. i am not cancelling my pre order...thats for sure

so say we all

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