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How about a new voting of games?

Well this is actually two part. The first is:

1.) How about reseting the ratings on the game list? Some of the top rated games are (A) no longer in service or (B) strangely voted on due to a popular momment in time. 

For example: If you compare the top rated list in this site to other sites. It is sooo strange. 40% of the other sites have FPSmmorpg as the top rated (even over wow). This site has Guild wars as #1 (not anmmorpg... it is an rpg, with multyplayer co-op options, with instanced lobby being a digital town everyone can meet up in). Then in rate order there is a mix of games, including Ryzom...uggg... that game was rated high back in the day when it was good and popular, now about 45 players only populate that game. It is over. Dead. Why is it still on the top rated list?  Other sites also have allthe same games but just he anime ones are rated as top 10. I think this is because some sites attract a certain kind of layer base. To filter this one sidedness and get an up to date rating as to what is top rated. Maybe erase the gamelist rankings every oh, 2 or 5 years? I think it is time to restart it. (P.S> the worst site out there is Gameogre. I think they have a top 10 list from 1995! LOL!) 

 2.) The Policy of this website states reasons for recieving warnings or removal of certain threads. I recently had an innocent and appropriate thread removed, the Admin response was "You question our actions, and said 'admin banned my first thread' do not say this". So I go to your policy *linked below*, You do not have the authroity to ban based on that. You can ban for so many other reasons, but "vaguely referncing an admin ban" is not a reason. Either update your policy, or stop controlling free speech / hiding ego of power trips? 



  • tekniko64tekniko64 Member Posts: 58
    Sounds like a good idea. Might be better to use something like user submitted ratings are only valid for six months. This would be more accurate than wiping the ratings.


  • warmaster670warmaster670 Member Posts: 1,384

    Originally posted by sofakingdumbEither update your policy, or stop controlling free speech / hiding ego of power trips? 


    Newsflash, you have NO FREE SPEECH HERE, NONE, ZIPPO, NADDA, its play by there rules or hit the door, if they wanted to ban you for sayuing the its there right.


    Just like if you walk into someones private house and start spouting crap all around they can tell you to gtfo.

    Apparently stating the truth in my sig is "trolling"
    Sig typo fixed thanks to an observant stragen001.

  • mrxennonmrxennon Member Posts: 209

    MMORPG isnt the first place people go for honest opinions of upcoming mmo's, Best critics of a game are the fans themselves, so I tend to read their forums for criticisms good or bad.

    Management have got a bad rep here throughout the MMO comunity for their daft rules and bans.

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