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How's Global Agenda Nowadays?

kolsovokolsovo Member Posts: 74

Title says it all. I used some of the awesome Black Friday deals to get a new gaming PC, and as such I'm taking another look at Global Agenda (on my current PC it runs like shit). So, I'm wondering- what's the game like? I only played a bit before, so I only have a general idea of how the game works.

The answer is 42 you idiot!


  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    Depends how long ago you played it last.

    It's very fun and value for money for the entertainment it provides if you haven't played it to death and got all classes to level 50. The new area and missions are great for PVE.

    You'll enjoy it if you play now and again for your sci-fi shooter action fix. But if you play it for long periods at a time every day, it becomes a chore.

    Population is decent. Though it has died down a little from after their content patch at the end of September. You'll find it no problem getting into a Merc mission, unless you're a recon.

    Should really post this on the Global Agenda section also.

  • Pest138Pest138 Member UncommonPosts: 114

    Population is the only problem for me but I play at odd times during the day so if you usually play in the evening it wont be a problem.


    Game is still very fun and I am bad at shooters.

  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,701

    Last time i played it a few months ago the population was dropping and the aim bots were riseing. the game is hacked to death. and the Devs dont care, they actually sent me a email warning me to not report people for hacking anymore or they would ban me because i was doing it to much.

    but little did they know i was reporting a friend of mine who was aim botting and going 100-0 a round, he was telling me to report him and see if the Devs even do anything about it. and their response was a threat to ban me lol.

  • Z33tAZ33tA Member Posts: 7

    Ive been playing for a few days now and havent noticed any cheating/hacking but im relatively new yet and have only done the AvA 2 times but other than that is a really good game not the triple A game likes some others but very good nonetheless.

  • diomedes770diomedes770 Member Posts: 5

    Game is ok to start but, it gets frustrating after a while. The PvE missions aren't bad.  I always seam to wait 20 to 30 minutes for a merc mission(PvP). The arena is always full of high lvl people running around killing everything.  I think every Recon and most Assault have aimbot.

    The game was fun for a little while but, I am off to find a new game.

  • AgotharisAgotharis Member Posts: 3

    Originally posted by diomedes770

     I think every Recon and most Assault have aimbot.

    Dont say that out loud in the official forums or you risk a ban.

    Search for "Global Aimbot" on Youtube. My alliance comrades made that video and it show best what is worst today in GA.

  • Crunchy221Crunchy221 Member Posts: 489

    I played for a while, its really one of the best gaming values that offers a somewhat mmorpg experience.


    Problem is, too many FPS players means theres zero teamwork or knowledge on what a "role" is on a team.  A lot of the PVE instancing/raiding is unplayable since its very difficult to find people who know anything remotly related to RPG teamwork.

    The pvp is good, ignoring a lot of blatant cheating and the usual arguments related to people trying to 1vs1 in a match where there are objectives (see previous statements on lack of role knowledge)

    Finding a good clan is difficult, the community is very immature, tons of clans floating around the very few who partake in lang conquering and know what they are doing dont recruit people.

    You wont see any of the above mentioned issues untill you hit level cap, which happens fast.

    With that really is worth the (i paid like $12 for the game its buy to play for life) investment.  it really is a game where ina  few days you can be doing endgame pvp in a TPS enviroment.  Cash shop includes opening up additional reward slots temporarily, which will speed up the time it takes for you to fully gear at 50...and thats it...nothing game breaking.

    If the could have expanded the tutorial open world pve area it would have made the game appeal to more RPG players and benefited the endgame PVE dungeons and raids.  Theres a lot of mini games and the pve instances are not required and only difficult at the hardest settings, which require the most teamwork and focus (something the community lacks).  Most ignore the PVE and just queue for pvp for life.

    Does a fairly good job bridging the lobby/queue TPS/FPS style with mmorpg...doesnt really feel as labby intesnive as it is, since your bascially running around a biodome city while you wait, much like endgame in a mmorpg where your hanging out in town LFG.

    Definately worth a try if your sick of grinding gear and epic leveling, youll never be out much money if you decide to move on in a month, and will always have the ability to come back with no added costs.

  • brutotalbrutotal Member Posts: 276

    The game suffers and enjoys being a hybrid. The combat is bad for a shooter, amazing for an rpg, the gearing up/roles are amazing for a shooter, meh for an rpg. 

    Aimbots aren't that game breaking because the slow pace means "good" players don't miss all that much and alot of builds rely on aoe type effects that don't need much aiming anyhow. On the other hand there are alot of rpg/mmo players in the game who can't aim and classes who are balanced around the ability of your average person to NOT consistently land all shots. 

    If you don't plan on ava (alliance vs alliance land wars) realize the game forces you to pug to prevent farming. (max of 3 people in a team for 10v10 matches) This leads to alot of frustration with the quality of your team mates. The different "roles" you can play are well done but have a distinct rock paper scissors which makes teams who don't cooperate a nightmare.

    Lets look at your average losing side:

    If your a poison medic you can do massive amounts of damage and heal well, unless the enemy team has robo's keeping med crates up (they instantly remove your dot), or medics spamming nades and healing waves that remove poison.  You don't have tools at your disposal to properly kill a healing medic in a group or clear a robo's nest to keep him from instantly curing your poisons. Tought break, rage at your team and be useless. 

    Meanwhile there is an assault who is spec'd to tank. He doesn't quite do much well besides throw people off the point and shoot out consistent dps while never dying, provided he's being healed. If his team isn't finishing off the people he's applying dps/knockbacks to (lack of spike damage= lack of killing competent players under a medic). He's not getting what he needs to shine and does nothing but grind his teeth on the point while it slowly gets capped. If he's not getting healed he doesn't even get that far and gets to spend his time looking for a medic crate or medic to heal him while the enemy caps the point np.

    Meanwhile there is a robo who keeps trying to make a nest. If he gets his nest setup he can deny huge areas. Unfortunately he gets gang raped by 4 people every time he tries because his team doesn't step in to help him. Oh well he gets to  rage at his team and stay useless. 

    Recons? Well its impossible to kill stragglers when the entire enemy team is sitting on the point. Its hard to clear robo nests when the entire enemy team is ontop of the nest because the nest is on the point. If your teams fighting hard you can break the cliche without a problem. Unfortunately your team is probably running into the above problems and blaming you.  Sniping is until you realize your getting eaten by all of the recons designed to kill stragglers as they can't find much else to kill because your team is getting mowed down at this point.

    Average winning game?

    Medic: got all the assists because everyone got healed by me, I was never in danger because I was always in the center of a group. I might have done more damage than the entire enemy team because their medics and med crates died to fast to cure my dots.

    Assault: stood on point never died shot everything on the enemy team that came within range of it and they died quick because all of my team was shooting them too.

    Robo: built on point unharashed, and when I was attacked by recons they got raped by the medic+assault combos two feet away

    recon: sniped constantly and killed people running to the point because they were constantly disorganized and split up. Often finished off people who barely got away from the main group after they barely got away from the other 9 members of my team.


    Check out

    for game stats and "competitive play", its pretty cool when they start accurately predicting which team will win. Its even cooler when some maps had +20% to defenders expected contribution to keep accurately predicting which team will win. 

  • NasherUKNasherUK Member UncommonPosts: 480

    I think the cheating and lack of new new content is killing it.  If they think ignoring cheating is ok they are wrong, this is what caused APB to fail epicly.

    Also I think they have shifted developers to Tribes: Ascend, which is a good game...for now.  We will see how long it takes them to ruin that as well. We are already hearing rumors of aimbotting there too.

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