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What made GW good.

Verum0Verum0 Member UncommonPosts: 55

What I enjoy about GW over other MMO games I have played (lotro, eq2, Rift, and I refuse to play WoW). Is the quests. Instead the dumb quests in most MMO's kill this and get this for this is very boring. In GW each quest seemed to have an outcome that affected the game world around you. (capture the giant croc', then once the quest was finished they had it chained up in that town.


I am hoping the same will be said for GW2, I havent bothered really to check up to much on what is going on with the Development of the game.

Im just sick of the same mmo crap. Give us something with DX11 graphic support (full support) and just some sick game play worth returning to. That not alot to ask for. Considering most single player games already have stepped into the DX11 zone. Direct X9 come on its time to move way past windows xp graphics. Quests need to be worth doing, instead of the constant grind, thats what made GW so good they dropped the grind and made it into a game worth playing. 





  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,788

    actually GW2 is ALL about affecting the world around you! There's no quests just dynamic events that do not reset, but are going in chains if some conditions are met. Every finished event affect the world in some way. Chains never stop so the world is ever changing.

  • gw1228gw1228 Member UncommonPosts: 127

    IMHO what made Guild Wars the best online RPG that I have ever played was the  amount of things you could do in game.


    For instance ...I mean this list could get really long but I'll keep it a bit shorter.

    #1 You can go through the quest-through all campaigns-with different classes and it was so enjoyable.

    #2 YOu can go back to newbie land and run people to make gold, that was always a blast and a great way to

    meet new players.   

    #3 You could try to earn titles not only were the fun but they let you reach achieavable goals that were enjoyable.

    #4 You could hang out at the popular places...Lions Arch and just sell stuff and barter.

    #5 You could chest run with your guild or friends...this was probably my most enjoyable thing I did especially when the

    expansions came it was great.

    #6 You could do some PVP always a lot of fun and very competetive.

    #7 You could go into the Tomb of Ages and other elite areas ....oh man I could do this forever.


    literally what made  GW good was the amount of CONTENT that was there


    Huge Mission groups for elite missions

    Runs across the desert

    Green weapon hunting

    on and on and on.....


    literally I could log on right now and do

    all these things and more there were

    so many diversions that the game never

    truly ended.  


    I envision GW2 to be similar and guess what the thing

    that made all this possible was not only the game itself

    but the players were able to create some of these diversions

    on their own: chest runs, map runs, two-team class combos in hard areas...


    GW was just and is TOO DAM GOOD...


    I dare SWTOR to compete with GW2 it will get crushed....


    and it's free (after box) :)

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