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so far so good

joosiijoosii Member Posts: 38

Leaving PWI after two committed years -- a great game, completely destroyed by its own creators by their own greed, I've been looking for another game for the past few weeks. Let's see.... I'm on my 11th download now... ARGO Online.

I've lasted almost 3 hours without a break, which is already testament to the online playability of the game. No real complaints yet.

Particular bonuses:

1. Press N and get an onscreen transclucent mini-map of the surrounding area including where your kill targets are and your quest NPCs. Now you can move without a big map window blocking 80% of your screen.

2. Smooth attack action with good animation. I would say better or at least on par with the top games I've tried. Zero awkwardness to the play.

My priest isn't "hot-looking" like in other games, but she packs a punch, and I admit... I'm actually having fun.

The big LOL of this game is a message i got (and I quote word for word): "You have been playing for more than 2 hours. Playing Games for a long time is harmful to your health." image

HAHAHHA.... bring it on! I'm having a good time. image


  • joosiijoosii Member Posts: 38

    Five days later.. . still going strong. Something about this game, I can't put my finger on it. It's a fun little game. I see a few other people around once in a while, and I'll give them a heal if needed. But I'm hoping I won't get stuck because of a small player base. I hope I'm in the outskirts and still have yet to experience a major city with more players.

    Production skills have started and I'm actually having a good time farming and making stuff. The game really assists you through all of the important steps. I haven't gotten stuck yet in the quests. My character feels kinda resilient to death atm... I havent died once. But maybe when i get to a higher level that will all change. Lvl 14 only. So I have a long way to go.

    The chatbox is terrible -- the only major complaint so far. You cant really tell the difference between the system messages and a local message from another player. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I've missed any local players chatting period. But so far, it hasnt really interfered with gameplay, so I'm good.

    Now to go guild shopping (and it's easy to do in this game.)

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