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WildStar Central Sunday - Themed WildStar Chats

Zap-RoboZap-Robo Member UncommonPosts: 233

In case you missed the announcement on the official WildStar site, the fansite WildStar Central is now hosting weekly chats about different aspects of WildStar.

We're calling them WildStar Central Sundays (or WSCS)... since we're holding them every Sunday. Makes sense, right?

This week (the first week with a topic, last week was just a meet and greet) we'll be discussing Momentum Mechanics. If you're not aware of what this is, then the WildStar Central Wiki can help!

Details for the chat (including time, location and topic) will be posted each week on WildStar Central.

Hope you can make it!

Admin @ http://wildstar-central.com/
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