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Pros and cons of this initial open beta

SalengerSalenger Member UncommonPosts: 553

hello, by now most of you have gotten into to the game sort of anyways, lol, i think graphics r good, maps r huge seems to be alot to it, but but but, network errors every 2-4 mins, no real tutorial, or indication on wtf to do, the only resource is other players who have been stressed to the limit trying to figure it out, i really think they should ahave allowed more player into the closed beta so they could have worked more bugs out by now.

On the up side from what i see when the next patch/update for this open beta comes out, i see nothing but good things for this game, i think this is a solution to all mmo fans craving role playing within games, i for one will buy this game and play it for a long time, cause as much as i am stressed out over how badly this open beta day 1 has gone, i still know that by the time it is released that this game is going to be mint. anyways hope to see you all in the game, lol well at least when bugs r fixed cause even though your ther now i cant see you. peace

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