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FOM (face of mankind) what is the status for you?



The main thing is the server is up but very unstable. The graphics are REMARKABLE and better than many stand-alone games. The sound is fantastic and trippy...


The user interface is pretty nice but with no walk through or tutorial we are pretty much LOST.

This game is probably the FUTURE NOW type of game.


Error message* 10050 *server disconnect happens pretty fast.

Making a character is pretty nice with lits of options.

NPCs are non talking but the stores are working in Berlin-Alexaderia anyway. Some have guns but no bulletts, and no targets to mention.


Perma Death can happen so maybe be cool. One character and one fate is the motto...

The tube-subway thing deserves it's own warning. Hehe trip your brains out and what game ever had sucha cool feature...



Er, there are drugs for sale in the store Kiosk panel dealies, MMDA and amphetimine...maybe a warning to little kids would be cool.


You get some gold to start and the decent apartment. You can use telport devices now to enter and leave them.


With the occasional nut job using his/her gun people ARE dying because I saw that two times...

They fell and fell over and over surrealistically as the server glitched, pretty freaky...


You can report a murder via wall panel/phone thing. This game is Blade runner meets Matrix in some ways.


I describe the graphics as amazing and cool, ads are realistic. You get a computer panel in your Home. You can but better quarters. There is a clone device in the apartment but like the puter it is non working at this time.


The potential of this game is way better than any game I tried in the last 3 years, the developers need to get some handy noobie instructions going because most players are simply at a loss. The forums were down at FOM portal but Im sure they will be back as I will to play some more.

Don't ya eat the yellow snow!


  • PuoltryPuoltry Member Posts: 956

    I hope it survives the onslaught of PvP games coming out.But if its anything like the L2 open PvP environment good luck.there will always be griefers in this atmosphere.MMo's like this are going to help the genre evolve.Getting people to play a game that ISNT fantasy is difficult much less an open pvp one.

    Want to ENJOY an mmo?

    Dont start a guild and dont be a leader or volunteer to be coleader or captain.

    Just play the damn game:)

  • lotharrlotharr Member Posts: 981

    You cant say all the hidden things if you have played it 5 hours... image

    Or were you in Closed Beta... Nooo, I ddnt win a ticket there.

  • OrccOrcc Member Posts: 3,043

    I woudlnt say the graphics are that great. Theyre good but they are FAR from amazing, especially character models. The sound is great though. Theres something about the game that feels empty though... theres a lot of places to go and see but they just seem like minor cosmetic changes... controls are a little wonky but theyre responsive... the actual FPS part of the game (shooting) isnt too bad, its like sticking RPG elements into an FPS, something like System Shock. I will say this game has a huge amount of potential but in my opinion for it to be a big hit it still has a lot of work to go through. Hehe, one thing I fund kinda funny is i was using the market and when I was buying ammo I thought you were only buying one bullet per unit, but it turns out theyre clips so I have like 35 clips ::::35::

  • mcr525mcr525 Member Posts: 117

    I cant even log in to the game. My username and password isnt recognised. I assume I just you my FoM portal details?

    *****gah, nm I was being dumb and found the answer *****

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