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What do i do?

BaFooNBaFooN Member Posts: 239

Ok, I chose FDC or something, and i get in game, get out of my apartment, and am now in tokyo or something. I walk around, get to my headquarters, and theres nothing there, absolutely nothing to do, except walk around in it, theres 2 people that dont talk to you really, i mean they say hello when I say hello, but dont really guide me, or help me out. then i walk around and go to the stores, and i click on something, a gun or something, i dont really know what everything is, because theres no description or picture of items, and i click buy, and i hear a little ding, and i check my inventory, and its not there, and my cash is the same, it didnt change. i am so confused, i have no idea whats going on. dont get me wrong, the game looks fantastic, but I just need to know what to do, i mean i dont even know how to whisper, or send a tell to someone. If anyone can help me, please, help me! Thanks.



  • PandaDustPandaDust Member Posts: 3
    Yea I was quite confused when i started
    I move around, noticing the major lag (people appearing and disappearing), the beginning msgs didnt really help much for actualy beginners, and most of the people on are always asking:"Where do i buy a gun?"
    Well anyway, I move around some more and all I learned from the hour was adding players to my friends list and buying a gun (only at the time i bought the wrong type of bullets, so now im broke).
    There oughta have a guide or somethin, cause I don't plan on teleporting all over the place without knowing that it is pointless to be there
  • TackleburyTacklebury Member Posts: 295
    Better than what I'm getting.  I tried to read the email in my inbox and little socket error windows started popping up all over the place, so I had to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill the client to get it to stop.  Now I cannot get past the login screen, but it says that I'm connected and their homepage control panel says so too.  Must have corrupted me.  Dunno, but I'm going to play WoW for a day or two methinks hehe.

    Tacklebury --}>>>

  • BaFooNBaFooN Member Posts: 239

    also, the text is so hard to read, they should let us choose the font, and make it bigger, cause i could barely read what people were saying to me.

  • crazystevecrazysteve Member Posts: 57

    i think people need to remember that this is a stress test for the servers. They wanna see how many people can get on the bridge before it breaks basically. I think people need to calm down about the missions and other things that are having problems they willl fix them hopefully after they figure out if the servers can hold as many people as they want.

    Oh and by the way i only had everyone dissapear once.

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