Guild wars release date pushed back???

kengamingkengaming DunedinMember Posts: 10

i was preordering gw of a internet site, and used to have a release date of late feb 2005, now it says mid april ::::27::

im from new zealand, so it may b different in your countries but i think it was a world wide release date. is this old news that its not coming out soon, i was sooo looking forward to it


  • devilman9889devilman9889 Selden, NYMember Posts: 24

    noone knows the accual date yet. check for info.

  • fnysfnys StockholmMember Posts: 88

    Damn ArenaNet
    Why they moved the relese... I don't know. But like everything else I hope it will be for something great that they will put in game, something new... Maybe even more missions, "mobs", maybe a new profession...? ::::02::

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  • Invincible37Invincible37 Lincoln, CAMember Posts: 172
    they havent given a specific date yet but bet on mid march to mid maybe 2 more betas counting the feb 18th one
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