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Catacombs trial?

VicAlonzoVicAlonzo Member UncommonPosts: 72
Hi, just wondering if theirs a trial for Catacombs, i tried daoc ages ago but as it was so empty i never could get into, tried others since than but cant get into any, thought id try this again as catacombs is out, but i dont want to have to go out and buy it, to find i still dont like it, thx in advance.

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  • Pink_PantherPink_Panther Member Posts: 7
    i dont think there is


  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,525

    There is no trial for Catacombs and I highly doubt that will change for the next couple of years. 

    The free trial you can get by download, ordering the CD, or that is included in DAOC games is the classic game and SI.  Later this year they might add ToA to it. 

    As for if you should try catacombs, it all depends on why you left.  Catacombs adds new classes that most people love.  It added some interesting zones.  The character models have all be updated and more will arive in the next two patches. 

    Catacombs has not changed anything with RvR.  The last change was NF last year and there will be some additional changes later this year. 

    If you left because things weren't pretty enough then you should come back.  If you left because you prefered more to solo and liked more solo classes, then come back.  Once clustering goes live this week, there will be a lot more people available to group/kill.

    If you left for some other reason, then I do not think Catacombs has anything to offer you. 

  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636
    You should try it and try to get in contact with an active guild when you do.
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