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Horrible Game/GM/Management/Everything contains in it. Disappointing

Worst Game Management Ever, the boss don't know what he is doing, they don't know how to manage a game.The GMs just want to leech as much cash as possible. If you want to be screwed, then play this game.


WOKF used to be fun, until the GMs ruin the game management, i wonder if the actual bosses know what they were doing behind he's back. Or simply, the boss doesn't even care about how to run a game business. Lately, many people(I mean alot) have quit WOKF and  when WOKF has no choice but to attract players back by, going to private servers and mess their system up. Eventually some did came back to WOKF, but realise is still a bullshit management. And the GMs tell you they can't do anything about it, they only thing they can do is screw private servers. Not just that, when you are displease with what they are providing, they simply don't care. They have this aspect to run the busineess: you want you play, you don't want you get lost(Ip ban you). This is how WOKF works. So if you have alot of cash, they will treat you like God(VIP member) and after leeching all your cash, they don't really care about your well-being, they will juz IP Ban you when you have no value to them. I urge all players who want good gaming experience to stay out of this game or you will regret like i did. I spend more than 2000 US worth of game points, and all i get is "Sorry, you are of no use to us anymore". If you like to torture yourself, have fun playing WOKF. There's alot of pkers too, it's about the survival of the fittest(Richest). :D Good Luck if you play this game. If you guys want strong evidence, you can private message me, i showed you evidence of chat history. This is totally a rundown game, waste of your money/time/effort.

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