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Comparing musical or live role playing to the "RPG way"

So on the one hand we have the musical or the opera, and on the other hand we have the roleplaying conducted by RPG communities.... what gives?

Have you ever considered getting into musical roleplaying? Obviously could be mixed with conventional acted and spoken drama (duh), but think about the depth players could create as they spontaneously come up with (or even perform pre-composed) songs.

Have a listen to this:

Im sure there are some Tolkien fans here!

The concept album "Nightfall" is based on the silmarillion. Pretty cool huh?


If the purpose of role playing is to express emotion, tell a story (and of course have fun) what better way to do this then through music, acting etc?

And in response to "This would take way too much effort": Some role playing communities spend HUGE amounts of time and effort—so it might not take them that much more to compose and learn to sing/play instruments or whatever O_o

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