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Physics in this game is why I like this game

You can get a hummer or a dune buggy and go baha jumping off hills and Planet Arkadia has ramps lol. I just love it!

But that's not it. There are space ships and huge Mother ships with turrets and engineers actually are useful! But spaceships man!!! O and you can actually pirate because of how interplanetary travel works. It's pretty sweet but you should get into it quick before econ picks up on all planets and there is less need to haul goods to planets with good economies.

Not only can you fly your ship in space but they make you land on planets manually. It takes some skill! I can't tell you how long I have waited for an open world mmo with land and space game-play that lets you land on planets by using your own skill.

I think this is a good home for SWG or Eve vets. Hell even freelancer vets would enjoy space in EU.

Man I tell you the cryengine that the game runs on is impressive and it scales pretty well too.

So much to do in this game!

Mining is pretty unique. It makes sense in a progression sort of way and is interesting to figure out.

Thing to note is that the learning curve is daunting when you first log in, so right off the bat find a Society to join that answers your questions.

Since the new game engine was implemented there have been some on going changes and some info on sites are slightly inaccurate. So ask a lot of questions.

Also this is a free game but not in a complete sense. If your a millionaire you can have non stop lvling fun but expect to be paying 15 a month to keep the ball rolling. You can go completely free though and the only restriction is time verses money problems. But you have complete access to the whole game even if you decide to not invest a dime in the game.

Here's a pretty good review: Planet Calypso video review

I did have some weird install problems, so if you don't have 8gigs of ram and the best video card available, select the safe mode option when downloading different planets I guess. It worked for me.

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