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they ever gonna put collision damage in this game?



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    Originally posted by lizardbones


    Originally posted by Minsc

    Originally posted by picommander

    Originally posted by Bladestrom

    I played elite, yes great in it's time but physics with wire gfx mm. Based on you comments you rather obviously do not play eve or understand it's complexity. Simply put it is the best space game ever made by far. If you could immerse yourself in elite but not eve then maybe you are just getting old :)

    Maybe you just grabbed a few words of my post, otherwise you would know that I played EVE "some years" ago. Not very long though, after a few month I had enough. Complexity? Sure its a good thing as it is in chess or go for instance. But not this sort of artificial complexity for complexities sake as I found in EVE. It's just a blind and pointless overkill of way too many skills to hide the true emptiness behind these sort of "complexity". If you don't expect a decent space game but like economy simulations, that's where EVE really shines and has indead complexity. Not my cup of tea though, I'm still waiting for a *real* space game.

    What I read about the possibility to collide (also with stations?) is either a relativ new feature or my memories got scrumbled. But yes, you're right. I'm getting old...

    They had very specific reasons for not using newtonian physics in the game. They are fine for a single player game that really only has to deal with a dozen objects or so but when you may suddenly need to deal with THOUSANDS, there's no supercomputer in the world that could handle that....none. CCP had to make design decisions based on the nature of an MMO.

    There's three or four computers on the planet that could do it. Several even. They probably cost more than CCP's grossed in their entire existence, but they do exist and they could do the physics calculations.


    Yeah but could they handle all the physics calculations AND all the game related stuff at the same time?

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    Originally posted by Teilo

    Originally posted by Garkan

    Originally posted by VirusDancer

    Originally posted by Kyleran

    If you stop trying to think/compare EVE to a space flight simulator and realize that mechanically it is more like a naval fleet combat simulation then the mechanics and what not make more sense

    Yeah, I do not get why people do not get this.  Trying to explain it to people that do not get it generally does not work though.

    A lot of people dont seem to get that a ship hundreds of meters long isnt piloted from a cockpit either, the smallest ships are a lot like the Normandy SR-1 from Mass Effect with a CiC run by several crew members. The pod pilot just replaces the command crew.

    Well I think that's a failure of design to be frank - the ships (at least the smaller ones, which are still supposed to be pretty huge) don't really sell the size that well. The really big ships do look massive, but some of the smaller ones really look more like single-seat fighters than something the size of the Normandy.

    Yep, this.

    Keep on rockin'!image

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    I thought they had this back in the day and removed it because the servers were starting to melt.  I remember seeing a couple of AFK miner bumping vids where the ships in question took damage but then I could be just dreaming.
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    Originally posted by Burnouttx
    I thought... 

    Please don't necro 4 year old threads. Thanks.

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