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Considering trying Conan which download?

panachepanache Member UncommonPosts: 397
Hi considering trying age of Conan but could someone tell me if the us and euro downloads are different and would affect which servers I could play on? Is it easier to pick up a boxed copy to reduce amount of patching?
Thanks for any tips anyone supplies in advance. In the past I've tried warhammer aion etc and had problems with old files looking for defunct servers and took a lot of time to get them working so I'm looking for the easiest way of trying this game :)



  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,643

    if u make a acount on the NA site and d/l you will be on the NA servers. if you do it on the EU site then you will be on EU servers.

    its free so you dont need to pick up a box copy and it isnt that much faster anyways when it comes to the d/l and patchs. if you actually like the game and you purchase the expansion then you will get a free month of play time with it wich means you will be able to choose any class to play.

    the free to play rout you can only choose from 4 classes.  Guardian, Priest of Mitra, Barbarian, Demonologist

    if you want to choose another class i highly suggest paying for a month sub and try them all because if you just unlock one class by itself it cost 10 bucks, and sub for one month is 15.

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