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SW:TOR, Pre-order, early acess, european?

HexipoxHexipox Member UncommonPosts: 241

Right, I know i will be playing SW:TOR when its out. Then i thought i might as well just pre-order it, get the early acess. Their site says its out the 20. of December, but here in Denmark [Europe] stores says its out 22. of December. Two days difference.

Well what is the early acess, on their site it says "access to early access" - When do you get to play the game then? How do you get the game, since you will be ordering from some store, but you wont get the discs before 20/22 or even a day later if postalservice suck.

I dont quite get how early this access is FOR european player on the european servers (nor do i get how it works for the US, but does not matter...).

Will you be able to download the game prior to recieving it on discs? i dont care about the box, waste of space. Rather just have a digital download.


  • HexcaliberHexcaliber Member UncommonPosts: 171

    No one yet knows when early access will be, it has not yet been announced, the difference in dates you noted has nothing to do with it. Europe's launch was to be a couple of days after the US, but now all release dates have been pushed up to the 20th; the store you purchased from simply has not updated their release info.


    As for acquiring the game in order to take part in early access, you should be provided with a code to apply to your EA account using Ea's Origin game launcher; this will then enable you to pre load the title when it becomes available prior to early access. If you were to pre order through Origin, all codes are applied to your account automatically.

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  • Hopscotch73Hopscotch73 Member UncommonPosts: 971

    They changed the European release date to the 20th of December as well, they announced that at NYCC.

    I'd say Early Access will start at the same time in Europe and the US. When you as an individual get Early Access depends on when you enter your pre-order code. They're running a kind of first-in, first-served thing.

    And yes, you'll be able to download the game for Early Access, even if you ordered a physical copy, so long as you entered your pre-order code.

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  • HexipoxHexipox Member UncommonPosts: 241

    Oki, so that basicly means i can preorder it and never pick-up the box. Thats nice, as long as i get a download im happy, hate all those boxes laying about =P

    I guess the early access will be 3-7 days, usually is in that time-spand for MMO's

    AM really glad they changed it to 20 of Dec. else i would have to wait playing it till after i get home from family christmas :)

    - I dont have a EA account, atleast not that i know of, or maybe... Guess i just make one?

  • Agricola1Agricola1 Member UncommonPosts: 4,977

    I'd have thought early access would start a week before the launch date ten days at the most, they'll probably announce the dates for early access around the 1st of December. So until then may the force be with you!

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  • HexipoxHexipox Member UncommonPosts: 241

    Are you guys 100% sure its 20. Dec for Europeans too? at, their own online shop it also says 22 of Dec. sound odd if they didnt fix this at their own site...

  • alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,301

    Originally posted by Hexipox

    Are you guys 100% sure its 20. Dec for Europeans too? at, their own online shop it also says 22 of Dec. sound odd if they didnt fix this at their own site...

    Sure the change of Date for europe was anounced, they may even be some threads about it. It's the 20 of december right now.

  • davestr1zldavestr1zl Member Posts: 218

    Yeh they recently updated it to be the 20th for both EU & US.

    Early access is atm an undetermined amount of time, but it was stated it will be days not weeks.

    They also confirmed that you will be able to download / preload the game ahead of time (before early access begins), and that you wont need to wait for the physical box to arrive. Even those that preordered non-digital versions (ie the boxed standard, and collectors edition) can download/preload the same as those that bought digital only versions.

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