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Upcoming MMO list slightly useless

MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,182

I feel that the Upcoming MMO list on the home page to be slightly useless. First of all there are so many games coming out constantly that the small size of that list can only show a small amount of the games which are "coming out". And I say coming out in quotes because if you notice half the games either have Q1/Q2 2011 listed (which has already come and gone for those keeping track) or just list 2011 in general. I know companies won't give exact dates and the dates you are given probably aren't very accurate.


But why not just list the games which have an actual release date? Here is an example... Star Wars: The Old Republic is NOT on the Upcoming MMOs list, even with an actual release date of a little over a month away (12/20/2011), while Dragon Souls still has refused to give a release date and has been saying "soon" for over half a year.  Companies typically give a release date a few months ahead of the actual release date so mmorpg.com should still have more than enough games to put in the list.


Also it looks like that list has been neglected... As I also see games already released on there... (Age of Empires Online). 

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  • marinridermarinrider Member UncommonPosts: 1,556

    That whole area of the front page is neglected.  Notice the "Free MMOS TO PLAY OR DOWNLOAD NOW"  If you break that down into how you read it (using math notation) its Free (mmos to play or download now).  Implying that any game in that list is free.  Rift is not free.

    But I'm right there with you.  The whole thing is a little screwy.

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