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Vindictus; EU vs US ''version'' ?

KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384


Im guessing that the recently released version of Vindictus in Europe lacks several patches and content updates that the US version has allready received, am i right in this assumption?

I have just downloaded the game (I live in Europe) and to be completly honest, im blown away by the opening scenes and the first boss fight etc. So im gonna play it either ways, its just a question of ''when'' :D

If the game is up-to-par with the US version, ill fire right away, but if its not, than im not in a hurry to play, and i can wait a month, or two, or three................:P

Thats why im asking here, thx for the replies)


  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM Member Posts: 1,788


    I'm curious about this too as I'm downloading eu version right now.

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 13,013

    This is something I have been trying to work out. The game should be more or less as it is in the US. There should not be lots of patches to go as there is very little localisation to do going from US to Europe. Any ideas what is happening?

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  • CalmOceansCalmOceans Member UncommonPosts: 2,437

    Europe has the XE edition and they are one episode behind the US afaik, which is why Karok isn't available yet. We have 3 instead of 4 characters.

  • coolgycoolgy Member UncommonPosts: 61

    EU is behind US by quite a bit, but thats to be expected.


    As for services, Nexon EU seems to be handling their game much better it terms of customer relations and general conduct on forums.


    Also, vindictus XE (which features jumps, combos, and damage text) is considered 'easier' than the normal version because the bosses perform their attacks much slower.

  • CalmOceansCalmOceans Member UncommonPosts: 2,437

    Originally posted by coolgy

    Also, vindictus XE (which features jumps, combos, and damage text) is considered 'easier' than the normal version because the bosses perform their attacks much slower.

    This isn't true at all. I have played both editions now and bosses attack exactly the same. I even compared some hidden videos of mine and the attacks happen with the exact same intervals.

    I can get exactly one amaranth kick in on hidden  on XE and I can get one exactly in on the normal edition.

    The XE edition also doesn't have cancels, we can't get out of a combo like the normal edition can, which actually makes things a lot harder sometimes.

    Not having a heavy stander cancel makes fiona a lot less powerful than on premiere.

    Spear lann on XE also doesn't have fury like on premiere.

  • KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384

    Hey guys! Just curious, any updates on this? At least now it seems like both the US AND the EU version of the game comes with the fourth character, Karok or whats his name... well thats always something.

    But are will still behind the US servers after these months or have ve cought up with em ? :D

  • nogarddnogardd Member Posts: 6

    well, yes, despite Karok being available in both versions, it means nothing. EU is currently few episodes behind the US.

    EU currently is being held on episode 8. few new releases been heard, next upcoming is Second Trans for EU version.

    as for US version, i think they already have Dragon out, episode 10 or 11. soon, Kai to be released, and as usual, Europe receives Kai for last.

    As you know when US came out, EU wasnt available for about a year. so during that year about 2 or 3 episodes were out.

    when it was released, it contained about 5 chapters. others were added along the time.

    we will not catch up to the episode releases, unless there's no more episodes to come out.

  • kartanakartana Member UncommonPosts: 148

    But can you play the US version from Europe?

  • nogarddnogardd Member Posts: 6

    why would you want to play US version from EU if you have European version?

    if you're from EU, well, you can, but its useless now, and ull eventually delete the game, because ull epicly lag, and wont be able to play in other people's runs. idk if the US system is the same as in EU, but if it is, then dont even bother.

  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb Member Posts: 54

    You wont lag more. Dont listen to the dial up losers. I play so many games from Paris France that are US. I never lag and I pay for standard net connection. 

       I even play FPS in Russia with horrible ping, but cna make top 5 list. 


    The big problem is that sometimes in MMORPG there are events that require you to log in to participate. IF you are asleep at 4am while the US is awake playing...then there is conflict. 

    ALSo this ist he MAIN reason there are different servers:

    MORE LANGUAGE PACKS = MORE CASH/bigger audience.

    They ahve to translate the game into the language pack several times for German and French players. So this takes longer to cole out with updates. All the buttons, text, everything, has to be re written.

     Then the cash shop. EU has more value in the currency at this time tha us dollars. So they have to tweak everyting. EX:  1 eu = 2dollars  US; so if there is an item for 1 dollar US I can but it wih 50 cents EU. So they like to seperate it for greedy cash money pig reasons. And yes, when a game is big enough (LOL at this game. It does not support hte large open worlds that require localised servers) it needs localisation for stability...Or just invest in good servers....

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 13,013
    If in the EU stick to the EU game, being online at 11PM will be the time they start to get home from school and work on the east coast. You need to be a night owl to play US, done it before, never again. :)

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  • picommanderpicommander Member UncommonPosts: 256
    It's not possible, just tried that. You get Account authentication error when trying to play the US version from germany.
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