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[H / Emerald Dream] Recruiting for returning veteran guild

SaphothereSaphothere Member Posts: 1

I'm recruiting for a yet-formed (and yet-named) guild of returning veteran players on Emerald Dream.


Years ago I was quite a hard-core player, putting a lot of time and effort into WoW - and had a great time.  After leaving in early WotLK when my long-time guild broke apart, I've tried to come back a few times but it never really clicked with me like it used to.


I reactivated a few days ago on a whim, and thought that this time I might look for others like me, especially for those who, also like myself, may have been hardcore players but now have families, jobs, and lives, and are just looking for a good time with interesting, mature people.


If this interests anyone at all, who is thinking about playing, or maybe just started, PM me (Saphothere) either here, or on Emerald Dream horde.

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