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Come play RF, great free game, new player events going on now provides and extra exps free items

millerhelp0millerhelp0 Member Posts: 223

Come Play RF Online Set up your account:
Download page:
Currently there are many great events for new players going on.
Amazing race server is a new event server where players can race to 50 for prizes as well as gain 1000% exp and gain great event items until the end of the event in which the characters go to the main server.
Also get free exp jade and item that provides exp for a period of time just for making a character.
Yet another event: Stamp the page each day for a week and get free in-game items
Need more events? ok
For a limited time have 300% exp increase every weekend as part of the weekend explosion
Need more free in game events for free items?
For a limited time before chip war events you can participate in a event to kill beacons for free items!!!!
Not enough incentive to play today, need more exp bonuses?
Well here you go.
For a limited time when ever you mine in the mine field you can get exp potions while your make your in game money!!!
Want to see more fun events for you to get into or the links above not working go to the event page directly:
Events page:
As you can see this game is still going strong and is still a blast come play while all these new player friendly events are going? Come on, its even free for you to play so come play a great PVP game and it has never been faster to lvl up for a new players to get caught up and into the pvp fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Play Rising Force Today!!!!!


  • Seige105Seige105 Member UncommonPosts: 17

    Played this game on release.  First off its a pot spamming pvp game.. Should be enough for any decent minded pvper to understand this game is fail.   In fact its b/c I hated this game so much I will voice my opinion of it, otherwise I would've let it go.   The battles are 50vs50 ppl all whacking on the same person while he continually pops pots to bring himself back to full.  Watch some youtube videos of pvp before you try this game.

     If I can save 1 person from joining the most horrible mmo I have ever had to endure then its worth it.  Pray to god this game dies and all others like it. 

  • harleyquinneharleyquinne Member Posts: 4
    I played this game, although it was a good run at first but when I heard of hackers and buggers now it was'nt fun anymore. The items were selling like crazy :( too OP!

    Had good memories with this game but oh well I just had to leave it and now I'm happy playing Windslayer 2, Rosh Online and hopefully Blades and Swords, it's not my intention to diss this game I just want to share what I have experience as a player.

    And oh by the way can anyone help me on how to put my signatures here? Sorry I'm a noobie XD

  • legendsololegendsolo Member UncommonPosts: 81

    my opinion:

    always loved the concept of this game own your mech(mau) and fight with it to safe your race ,fight over rescoures (just the whole sci-fi theme)

    pitty this game has some big flaws the world feels empty, looks like everybody left or went to a private server? crr doesnt care about there game or us, it's also a long grind to the end game. this game deserves much more...

    @harley: for your signature go to your profile there's a box where you can paste/write your signature down it's at the bottom of the page.


  • BoreccBorecc Member Posts: 35

    RF Online isnt bad game in its core, its actually fun to play. But management sucks. But its f2p so nothing to worry about.

  • TymoraTymora Member UncommonPosts: 1,295
    I tried to sign up but the E-mail confirmation never gets back to me. I can't complete registration
  • melton80melton80 Member Posts: 54

     RF is a shitty game, not only is the gameplay dull and boring the pvp is trash as well, the person with the most Pots wins cause in RF the potions have no cooldown so all you do is sit there and keep spamming pots til one of you run out then whoever has the most pots wins. Give it a try if you want, but i played it and my OWN opinion is, this game is shit.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,452

    I thought it was a fun game and occasionally go back to it, just for some old memories. I think the pvp is flawed sure but the gameplay wasn't bad, and the exp gain system was kinda cool, each hit giving you exp as opposed to killing being the only exp gain. Quests didn't have to be turned in and just popped into your quest log, thought that was kind of a nifty feature since the story of the game sucked. But once it went F2P the company pretty much ruined the game. Never putting out any updates, doing constant exp gain events that just make leveling a chore because they are constantly opening up new servers trying to get people to go there instead of sticking with their old servers. They have all these NPC's around that have no explanation of what they do, and I can't figure it out half the time like the golden pigs or whatever. If you haven't tried this game, in it's current state it might be a bit of fun, but honestly I wouldn't reccomend it.

  • jimbo833jimbo833 Member Posts: 158

    Originally posted by melton80

     RF is a shitty game, not only is the gameplay dull and boring the pvp is trash as well, the person with the most Pots wins cause in RF the potions have no cooldown so all you do is sit there and keep spamming pots til one of you run out then whoever has the most pots wins. Give it a try if you want, but i played it and my OWN opinion is, this game is shit.


    you dont know anything about this game do you. The pvp itself might be same old butthe mechanics are the best i have seen in any mmo.


    but i wouldnt recommend, i still play it 20+ hours a week but there has been an update due the past 8 months and no info for when its due now. theres a ton of hackers and the company really just want $$$ :(

    sad times :(

  • steelfinsteelfin Member UncommonPosts: 121

    Wasn't this the game with a really shitty tutorial, takes years to move around doing quests, lack of quests, and just plain boring?  Upside was the average graphics.

  • hikaru77hikaru77 Member UncommonPosts: 1,123

    The PvP on this game was just amazing in the old Codemasters years, The Three faction PvP, Chip Wars and the Politics. Great PvP guilds born on this game, I have great memories and friends from those days.  

    Now the game is just an insane grind were you need a few years of your life to hit the cap.   

  • HellCellHellCell Member Posts: 1

    melton80, the potion use in the game is so that two people can't solo each other, with the exception of extremely powerful weapons.

    I loved this game because like jimbo833, the mechanics of this game is the best I've seen in the approximately 10 years i've been looking into mmorpgs. The skill animations look flashy, the sounds feel like it clashes on impacts, the monsters, maps, all of that looks really nice. With the little content the game had, I liked every bit of it. Any minor update or feature the game added, I was obsessed with it because I liked the games core mechanics so much.

    In contrast, let me throw WoW here for reference. Many people would say it's an objectively better game and I may have to hand it to them. What I personally don't like is the graphics, animations, and sounds. It felt so cartoony and nonthreatening that it felt plain weak compared to RF. Aesthetics in a game matter, RF did a fantastic job captivating me in that department.

    Two major changes I would have liked done in RF is more content and curving the Exp rate so it becomes linear rather than exponential. Something that WoW excels in and RF severely lacks in. In a perfect world there would be a game where the best mechanics of both games get merge. The Aesthetics of RF and the content of WoW.

  • nedius004nedius004 Member UncommonPosts: 52
    rf online wil be soon on steam i think it wil change from there then more players evrything wil ged fixed from then more updates new stuf added
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