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Tell me this is not scaming of customer!


  • timeraidertimeraider Member UncommonPosts: 865

    ..well..i dont know but  + the link the guy at forums gave..looks pretty clear to me.

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  • NexusCZNexusCZ Member UncommonPosts: 56

    What happen subscription ends

    - Your account is permanently elevated to a Premium account

    - All characters logged in while VIP keep the unlocks for bags, traits, gold cap and swift travel. New characters will have the Premium restrictions


    My account have only 5bags unlocked

    no traits, no gold cap, no swift travel.


    Now watch what customer service did reply to me.


    Even the helpfull guy confirm this is just partial true (yeah we all know what it means in real)

  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 2,042

    It isnt that complex really. If you have it you keep it, if you don't you won't get it.

    The irony being I used my LotRO buddy key to orchestrate an alt trial way back in '07 and the characters I had on that alt trial account that never made it to sub were still prem chars when I came back a month ago. I'm sure any trial account from pre F2P days would have the same benefits. Fair? No but the mechanics of the accounts are sort of forcing it.

  • KostKost Member CommonPosts: 1,975

    You have not been scammed at all.

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