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NoR as a MMORPG in SL (GM Corruption)

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,105

There are a few estates in Second Life, called NoR, and they are calling themselves a MMORPG, I honestly can't understand how they can consider themselves such after all the GM Corruption I have seen in this so called game of theirs.

NoR was once a cluster of regions in Second Life which had 32 regions in it, now NoR only has 13 Simulators/Estates in it, and the rumor of this is that management broke up and certain people left NoR so they had to downsize because of tier costs.

On a side note: This does remind me about Mortal Online where GM's were accused of being corrupt and helping others in battles and such, which I just quit that MMORPG because it was worse than DarkFall when I played it, but that is an opinion.

what is not a rumor.

In 2010, I found my avatar myself into trouble in NoR over something very stupid, I talked to Synphony Vayandar a person who was part of my group and shared a few (OOC) out of character opinions with them that were somewhat negative towards some of the things in NoR this was via private messages. Because they thought I was wrong they kicked me from the group I was part of for over a year without warning, or reason. So I asked some friends on skype what to do, one of them came in and asked her to be nice in a way she believed was threatening which I read what they sent myself after I asked them to send it to me and didn't see it threatning, and after that I finally spoke to a manager Bizarre Obscure who is a GM, or Admin, and he agreed that they had stepped out of line that the problem was solved, and obviously it was never solved because over 6 months later a weapon of mine broke, so I went back to the NoR sims and was looking for the creator of my weapon to get another one and discovered I was banned from an entire region (Evil) without reason.

If they had followed the NoR Rules as says, my ban listing would have been listed on the site explaining a reason, however there was no listing ever placed on NoR, and so I decided to go register on their forums, and I posted under their Repent your sins, and your soul shall be saved forum section, an appeal, and apology for my OOC comments and took responsibility for my own actions which were clearly not my fault, but did such to make things better. (Their GM's) told me it was under investergation and it has been like that for over 4 weeks there was never any investergation.

About two weeks after my appeal, someone who knew about my post came into their NoR simulators and started griefing Norians without a reason, they spammed my email full of hateful comments using their Estates/Simulators in Second Life, and still as of today it is unclear to how this griefer group got my information such as if Synphony called the griefers on me, or if the griefers saw my post on the search engine as they Moderators of the forums allowed the google bot to crawl their page, and my entire appeal which I considered private was posted on the google search without my consent.

Okay, so here is what I know about the griefing.

I was in a public sandbox one day, and I noticed that someone illegally stole, or cloned content of others by the name of Synphony Vayandar, and Ergoth Ehaniel in SL, as there was a person named Synphony Resident, exact same profile almost except picks giving out stolen goods in a public sandbox, and griefing everyone with prim spam and such, as well as placed a box of stolen items on Nix giving them out to all the newbs for well over 3 months before I finally got it removed by a red flag, and reporting it to LL. I filed an abuse report on Synphony Resident, as soon as  I saw this and at first choose to ignore it until a friend contacted Bizarre Obscure and told him about it. He immediately accused me of being the one behind the box without any evidence, at which point I myself asked for the log of that evidence to be destroyed in good faith that he was pissed off, and wouldn't do it again.

Then the attacks from their Simulators started spamming me with green messages daily sometimes saying rude things to my avatar, so I finally went to their NoR region and I requested an admin, or a (GM) at which point they told me they couldn't do anything but asked me to file an abuse report with Linden Lab, so I did, andI sent the (GM) the snapshots, and logs of this as well, and they did nothing, so I asked for an invite to the NoR groups so I could report future incidents or possibly get help if others abused it, they invited me.

Two days later I was hanging around in NoR  at Sins club a public club at the top of the skybox meeting old friends, and still trying to find out who was behind the griefing and sending me the vulgar messages, and then I got Teleported home without warning by a (GM) supposedly Bizarre Obscure, which at first I thought I accidently hit the teleport home button but tried to teleport back and it said I was banned ( Without any reason), so I sent an IM, and he says (Management) decided to extend the ban over every Estate, which happend over one persons vendetta towards me because of something they didn't like which in my opinion not a fact they might be a griefer, and might have alternate accounts themselves as they sent me an IM accusing me of things without any type of evidence of spreading rumors in which I talked to them without saying a single curse word tried to explain what I thought was going on and they did nothing but not except anything.

Dasein Noyes, is the head leader of the faction Lacedaemon, where two members of his Synphony Vayandar, and Ergoth Ethaniel, are rumored based on the evidence currently provided to be doing illegal activities in this game which break our community standards/TOS, however the (GM's) of NoR do nothing because Dasein Noyes has been a part of the community for a long time, so they refuse to investergate the issue, or look into anything at all period and say simply that I am guilty myself of griefing myself, and griefing other people without any evidence, yet I myself have been collecting evidence since day one after I saw what management was doing, and am going to share the details about their (GM) corruption.

Also I was threatend by Luxa Budan the estate owner, called a Domestic Terrorist without any reason, and that being said simply because of some stuff posted in my profile that is political and such, but nothing threatening in a way to even be called such they said they would call someone to deal with us, and in virtual games like this we here griefers all the time, or trolls hey we are going to call the FBI and stuff like this, I totally laughed it off, but even now the (GM's) of are in violation of the Second Life TOS/Community Standards, breaking players privacy, and rules, and  I will show proof of all of this below. The Opinions with Synphony which she decided to make such a big deal out of an opinion that should have been kept private, but instead created a lot of issues for myself, which lead into all this griefing, and abuse from the GM's of NoR. Here is the chat of being told I would be in trouble by someone who was no GM based on what I was told by an actual GM. Here is the log where he said that everything would be okay, and ignore whatever I was told by the evil admin's/GM as they were not in charge of NoR ( the only thing I left out was some private chat.) Here is a snapshot of the root prim given out in the sandbox as a freebie. here is a snapshot of the Copybot items with their names on it. Here is another one with the other persons name. here is a snapshot of both their profiles together.

(The above Snapshots do not prove that these people are responsible for any griefing, although with synphony cursing me out it does not make them look any better as far as being innocent, although it is possible that the griefers forged this, as well as the griefing that took place in NoR, considering that Synphony, or Ergoth had nothing to do with it and that this was all the act of random Trolling because someone saw my post on their site which was supposed to be private. The fact is that they could be innocent of all of this except the part where they kicked me and caused me the first issue, but the fact is no one knows for sure except them, myself, and the GM's playing the Blame Game which either way it all just needs to stop and be dropped all together unless there is actual proof. Here is the picture of me getting spammed in SL from their Estates without reason. Here is a picture of me getting spammed in my email when I had Im's set to go to my email from their simulator.  Log of myself being called a Domestic Terrorist. Here is the log of myself getting cursed out by Synphony. Here is a copy of the communication of the email they last sent me accusing me making a post on some random site I don't even know which is operated by Abe Tristan, and the IP as well doesn't even match  mine, or any of my modems which I have two modems, and a router which are my primary gaming routers for playing MMORPGs incase one goes down. ( Keep in mind that as a GM he is not supposed to send any details including IP addresses, or information like this to anyone, details are supposed to be kept private, but he has violated the rules of the service bigger than I ever have) He also clearly pointed accusations at my avatar, and name without any exact reason or proof of such except hersey logs which prove nothing other than griefers griefing in my name saying Hey I am Goth and I am gonna grief everyone. Here is the log of Bizarre Obscure and his accusations agaisnt myself talking to others without consent he also shows disreguard for other people, and our SL community as a whole. Here is a snapshot of the first email and Bizarre Obscures Accusations. Here is the second snapshot of the same email.

Okay so here is the thing.

Based on the (GM) view of their simulators I am a griefer who would use my own sl Name on their blog and make an appeal, and apolgize my my actions which were really nothing to begin with, then I would risk getting my SL account banned which has been griefed by other griefers in the past suspended perma banned twice and I got back because LL found no wrong doing, and I would risk loosing my entire inventory of over $300 USD of purchased goods just to grief, when the fact is if I were the griefer I could have just never said anything played like nothing ever happend, and griefed them and they would never have known why they were getting griefed, but most importantly can they explain this.

Can they also explain why their Covenant is in violation of the SL community Standards where they are allowed to Disclose IM's without consent in SL, (GM's) in other words are allowed to get involved in a persons private business without asking or consent just because one person decides it is okay for such, They are also above the Norian rules, as their site tells people they are not above the rules, and I will prove this as well for everyone to see which is listed on their site right here. Admin Code OF Conduct. aka (GM's)

The major rules Bizarre Obscure has broken is Do not disclosed privileged information, by him sending me that least email, he disclosed the IP address of someone else without consent, and based on those rules as well they log other players IP addresses without consent of all parties, or people knowing about such from what I know I was never informed that my IP address was ever logged while playing in NoR, unless this is talking about their forums. Here are the rules of NOR which if you carefully read throught all their rules FAQ it is somewhere about Im's where GM's are allowed to investergate it without the consent of all parties, yet GM's or Management says if you have issues to please take it to IM's out of character, but yet they get involved in disputes which start in a private Im without consent, and on top of this they break the SL Community Standards.

•     Provide access to NoR staff for the purposes of rule/covenant eforcement as well as agreeing to agree in advance for staff to investigate IMs and gather evidence.  Privacy will be respected as much as possible by staff. (This was wrote in their covenant, which can be found here as I reposted a copy of what I have.) Their Covenant.


In the end, I have requested that the GM's quit talking behind my back spreading false accusations/rumors, and I have asked that these false charges be dropped unless they have evidence of me griefing them which clearly they do not as this happend well over a month ago, and if they did I would have been banned from SL, or suspended from SL, but I haven't yet. I have Abuse reported everything that I know they have done which is a violation of the community standards, as well as anything I know about the griefers, and over all it seems that the whole issue has got a lot better over time as LL more than likely banned the griefers/trolls, but staff still thinks it is okay to accuse, and pull out accusations/rumors break their own rules, and that this harassment all because of one individual who didn't like something is okay, well my response to the GM's and staff with all respect is that it is not okay, and that I have proven that Bizarre Obscure of NoR is not a responsible GM of NoR in many ways, as well as the GM corruption. My only threat to Bizarre Obscure was to expose, and tell the Truth about all of this, which clearly I have done today as I am sick and tired of their rumors, their refusing to deal with an issue that has been on going for almost a year now and came up behind my back. While I respect and understand that these people have the right to ban a person for any reason or no reason at all following the SL Terms OF Service, or Community Standards, They do not. 1. Have a right to peoples private Im's. 2. Have a right to put disclaimers in covenant or get involved in private issues. 3. Spread false accusations and rumors behind a persons back. 

I spent weeks filing abuse reports on these griefers, and within this time only a handfull of people I know have spoken to staff members 2-3 times about an issue, anything else is really just griefers/trolls, and the ignorance of management.

So my advice to everyone looking for a MMORPG in Second Life, avoid NoR because you could become a target of the griefers at random, or this exact same thing could happen to you, and create a lot of problems for you. At least I would say avoid NoR until Sicarius Fegte, or Luxa Budan deal with these issues which GM's/Staff feel is right to spread accusations behind other peoples backs and such without proof.

What I want, it is quite simple, I want the Owners of this so called MMORPG to take responsibility for their Staff Members actions, look into this issue, and deal with it, and stop dealing with issues that occur in a private Im's, respect our TOS/CS, and if someone is doing something outside their Simulators, it is not their responsibility to deal with the issue, so if anything beyond local chat occurs in their Estate, then it is not their problem or responsibility beyond filing an abuse report, and of course they are allowed to help others, but clearly as Bizarre said he doesn't care about anyone, doesn't care if SL goes to hell in a war, as long as it doesn't include NoR. 

So I am going to say here to end this post, that if the GM's of this game, or Staff has any actual evidence of me griefing, or breaking the rules on their 13 simulators then I would love to see it, and no I don't want to hear that the evidence is this random griefer came by said oh Hi im X person here, and I did this for them and such like that, I want actual proof.

Oh: On another side note, having knowledge in computer hardware, knowing anything about your operating system, being a Nerd, gamer, or knowing about Networking in any way makes you look guilty just for knowing about such and not being a complete newb, or dummy.

I hope that this post will help others to avoid the same problems that I have experienced with this so called MMORPG, and Thanks.


  • DivisionJDivisionJ Member Posts: 1

    NOR GMs staff is, indeed,  well know to be corrupted and lame; Bizarre Obscure is a gireffer and a scammer and Luxa Budan (aka Sicariuse Fegate) is a charlatan. And is good to warn about this anyone approaching second life rp sims. 

    But  now the question is: knnowing all this why do you keep begging to be unbanned?





  • EduardoASGEduardoASG Member Posts: 832

    to the op


    dude... 2nd Life.. who still plays around that crap?


    just drop it and move to somethign more insteresting :) There will always be corrupts everywhere you go.

    Aion, AoC, AC, AO, DDO, Eve, Eq2, GW, MW3, L1&2, RF, RIFT, SWG, SWTOR, TR, UO, WOW, WAR
  • MeerieBellaMeerieBella Member Posts: 28

    Sorry about the dealings you've went through but unfortunately Second-Life is full of corruption and land-owners are no exception.

    Linden-Labs isn't that great of a company either (the game-breaking bugs, overcharging, lag, etc). Other than the copybot part basicually Linden Labs will consider your case user vs. user and won't get involved.

    You might be alittle too serious about Second-Life. Try other games that are worth your time other than being dragged into people's silly drama/unfairness over the internet.

  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,105

    Well Yes I still play Second Life, because Second Life is one of the best Simulators that currently exists however there are quite a number of problems with Second Life currently like the exploits I have brought out in public attention on their own forums which were used for the sole purpose to grief me.

    The exploits Linden Lab will not fix are currently.

    1. You can register under any fake email address you want, even that of a friends and an account will become activated under that persons email, and can be banned/suspended the real problem is if another user has used that email for their Second Life account for example. One griefer for example registered under an email which I did not register my Second Life to and griefed people even people who previously griefed me and as a result my email was filled with threats, and hate a ban notice from Second Life I contacted and told them about it, But I know who did this, and it was someone from my bloodlines clan which was either the Gorean Griefer who took control of the clan, his friend, or the Sim Owner from there as they are the only ones who had that email address, there is no way to be sure. And for the Love of God Linden Lab please fix Age Verification so to get into adult places you have to provide Real ID.

    2. NoR, I do not know Bizarre Obscure, But I trusted him as a manager of NoR to do what was right, and in 2010 when this all started I trusted his decision, but in 2011 I find out later that Staff started to grief me with these false rumors, and as a result from both him, and one other person in NoR and their rumors my name was sent out in a Gorean group of over 1000+ people calling me a griefer, a CopyBot, and as a result more logs got disclosed because the two developers from this group went against me calling me a griefer. Maybe a month or two after they got griefed themselves and IM me because after I had a fight with them I left them alone, and finally I get to the bottom of who started all of the rumors which lead to their group and it was a Norian that did it. No these logs were not disclosed yet, because I just wanted to know who started all of this to make it lead to that group, and the developers do not deserve to get griefed, could I get revenge on them absolutely, but I feel that they made a mistake themselves and because of all of this they have learned from that mistake so I am not going to do anything to them.

    3. Just recently a person named NoR Advocate General, I am not sure who the are in Second Life, but they responded to my appeal saying that they would talk to the person, I assume they meant they would talk to Bizarre Obscure and everything he said/did, I obviously don't know if they are really doing anything or not but giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are, however I still feel as if I am being accused of being a griefer who griefed them and banned for stuff I didn't do now if they want to ban me for something  I did, or admit they have no proof that I griefed them and are banning me for no reason then I am fine with that, but more than likely they will ban me and keep me banned forever with lame excuses, or saying because I gave them too much of a bad reputation as a mmorpg, but again that there is an opinion.

    Although this person whoever they are did say sorry if it wasn't me who griefed them, so maybe they are planning to help and resolve all of this drama, only time will tell, and their decisions will tell, as for being able to know who griefed and all of that there is no way for me to know exactly I only know what caused the drama, who it very much likely is from what I was able to collect, and if it wasn't anyone from NoR then I know who else it was more than likely becasue they posted on their griefer blog about getting random griefers to go hit random simulators, and I have given staff everything I knew in the past about griefers griefing me, and similar tactics used on me before in the past, but Bizarre just kept demanding names, how am I supposed to know unless it was me doing I only knew the names of griefers who attacked me or sent me Lulz im's with laughs in it at me.

    4. I really don't care about being banned, if they want to ban me they are more than welcome to do such because they own the sims, and Land etc. However they are not permitted to Spread false rumors about me, and I will not let them ban me based on false rumors/accusations started with no evidence  showing that I did any type of griefing at all. " However they can't expect me to stay silent about all of this, and when they finally come to these senses, and do what is right then so will I, but until then as long as I am feeling like I am being called a griefer by them, and banned for griefing their simulators which I never did then I will not stay quiet. If they should actually make up for what happend, we all shake hands and walk away peacefully then yes I will once again forgive what has became of all of this drama. And believe it or not I used to recommend NoR to all the players looking for a good place to RP because that is what I truly believed NoR to be was a great place to play at until all of this. I didn't play there much myself, so why should I care about being banned as it really isn't a loss to me, but is a loss to them as they are the ones who banned a player who did nothing really fromt heir MMORPG, and all this because of one person who had personal hate towards me as a player. So really it won't cost me anything because none of their so called I am a griefer tactics have worked so far, and no one from my group who lets say people I know from 2003-2006 believed the rumors either, and Linden lab has not suspended my account for this reason of being a griefer, so for the most part it is NoR who has made the mistakes, and more than likely have griefers/trolls playing in their own regions/groups right now waiting later for the possibility to do the same to someone else.

    Those who truly know me, know that I am not a griefer, and I still have friends who are owners of other RP sims and are victims of griefng themselves, and they know that I myself have the ability to grief as well and sometimes I get a random person to come up and ask for help against griefers which I do what I can for them when I can, sometimes there isn't much I can do other than abuse report.

    5. NoR is more than aware that I posted all the logs here, and I really don't care I posted them because I feel that their staff stepped way out of line, and couldn't seem to get anyone to listen at all which is in a mmorpg considered GM Corruption.

    6. In a MMORPG and social community like Second Life, people make mistakes, and I am willing to forgive those mistakes, and human error stuff happens, but the moment it turns into drama like this, then I am going to respond to it, however I will say this.

    7. I do agree with NoR policy against not giving into Griefers, Threats, or what they call Terrorism, no one should be blackmailed into anything and Neither am I do not agree with such, I do not put up with such, however they have to understand that anyone else who saw my appeal on their site could have griefed them, even their own member, no one is exactly sure what happend to be honest although the only thing I know is that there is only one person I know of from NoR who had this much hatred towards me and that was Synphony Vayandar, otherwise everyone else I never heard a complaint from and I had one other little drama thing in 2009 years ago but nothing serious came of any of it.

    8. I am willning to give NoR as a MMORPG another chance, even all the players in NoR considering they did not have anything to do with it. Even if she did have something to do with it I am willing to give them a chance for what they did as well considering that staff makes the right choice and doesn't spread rumors about me and all this other stuff anymore, otherwise I really do not know what is going on other than what Staff has told me recently.

    As far as NoR getting griefed to my knowledge I do not know if NoR is getting griefed still by trolls or not, because the only reason I was made aware of the griefing in the first place is because of the spam my email was sent from objects placed in their simulators, not their fault griefers did this, but again I got accused of that simply because I knew they were getting griefed because of the spam I got and all of this.

    Here is their latest post on their forum about me, and I am only posting it here because I feel that this deserves an update.


    I am not exactly sure what to tell you here. With what I know and what we have cross referenced alone is enough to be of a concern. Regardless, there is not a lot we can do when being threatened to unban you or else. Its a rare thing that someone you do not know tries to get you unbanned and while I can see this being used as a weapon just to keep you banned it still means you know the people involved or else why would they have an axe to grind?

    Either way, at this time we cannot do anything about it. Per protocol the ban must remain in place. Hopefully, we will not see any tie in to you and we can review your case anew and clean of threats.""

    Nor General, whoever you are, I really do hope that you get to the bottom of what your staff accused me of and that your staff has learned from everything they did, and that it doesn't happen to anyone else ever. I also hope that in time you actually see that I am not the one who spammed Norian Simulators for the lulz of it. Hey while there is no way to prove that I did not do that who in Second Life does not know how to make a self replicating object with big cubes, I bet every griefer knows that one, as for why they did it in my name the reason I suspect it was someone from NoR moreless  is because they knew the NoR rules and that if they said we are griefing for this person because they got banned then they knew I would be banned from the rest of the regions common sense right.

    As far as it being some other griefer group, hey it could have been anyone, all I know is that this was the only person who did not want me around NoR, and even asked me what I was doing in NoR because I was banned from all of NoR I was like im not banned from all of NoR only the Evil region because of the persons personal hate for me, which again makes me think they had something to do with it while I maybe wrong, they are the only ones who wanted that axe in the back.

    As far as people I know griefing in response to NoR General, hey I have a friends list which is very large in Second Life, I know hundreds if not thousands of people across hundreds of MMO community based games, and I can say do I know who it is, how the hell am I supposed to know who it is.

    Now NoR general, I would have said thanks for being nice because based on all of your responses on the NoR site, you responded nice, and I wish that I could once again say NoR is a great place for Role-Players I really do because I thought of NoR as being a good place, although I am unsure why their sim went from 32 regions to 12 regions.

    Also I will be more than willing to abuse report any griefer I see griefing NoR regions, and anyone else griefing in my name, I have asked, given instructions of everything I know to stop most common griefers, and even tried to assist in finding out exactly what is going on but I never seemed to get to the persons main account if they had one that was griefing no solid evidence of who it was although I did abuse report everything I knew to Linden Lab, and the griefers accounts did get banned.

    I am willing to give NoR as a MMORPG in Second Life, a chance, however I ask that your Staff, and yourselves ban, and deal with griefers responsible for actually doing the griefing, Don't give into Terrorism, Dont Give Into Griefers, but Don't accuse those who you have absolutely no proof of griefing your sims in the first place, and really that is about it. If I honestly did what NoR did, I would make my own simulator a very bad place, I don't ban from any of my lands, or anyone elses Land I have rights for personal reasons, I only ban those responsible for griefing and if I have proof of their griefing, I do not apply any type of ban even if I think its their alternate account unless I can prove it because its not my Job, or business to do such, instead I ban the griefer and abuse report to Linden Lab, let them deal with it. I mean not only did NoR staff make a mistake by allowing google crawler to crawl their stie therefore posting my appeal public on the search engine, but anyone also could be randomly picking names off Land Ban lists where people get parcel banned instead and griefing in their names for the lulz/Troll purposes and while it is not clear another common sense thing is that they wouldn't do it on more than one person at the same time if they knew what they were doing as it would become obvious after awhile, or it could have been a one time troll thing no one is sure other than the drama that surrounded this all became very big, and in my opinion because of staff not doing their Job this should have been dealt with in 2010, and it should have stayed over and done with in 2010.

    Linden Lab.

    I have also used this entire experience without the names of the RP simulator, or people on the forums, and informed Linden Lab in public that they need to do something about how easy it is for griefers to grief Second Life, and its other residents. Mostly I got nothing but troll responses creating debates, but it is the truth that Linden Lab needs to make Second Life so that adult simulators require Real Life Identification to get into to play or use their service, had this have been in place, their simulators which were rated Adult wouldn't have been able to get griefed, but Linden Lab removed the ID verification unless they ask and need an actual ID, and as a result this made it easy for griefers to grief others in adult regions.

    Another Issue I cant really discuss here much on but its called.

    Age play.

    Age play in General is lets just say Adult rated content where anyone under the age of 18 can get access to such type of content on the grid. I feel that this is another reason to enable ID Verification again to become an adult, because while age play might be illegal or Linden Lab says it is under the TOS/CS, I have still seen Age Play going on, not as much because I dont go to those type of simulators, but I have had others come to me and complain about people Age Playing in Second Life, and this can get very bad when it comes to international laws, and another reason that ID needs to be required to enter an adult region.

    I agree that Teens, and those under the age of 18, should have access to PG areas.

    Second Life was built for social interaction, games, and fun, a virtual simulator like the Sims, however it is too easily for lets keep this (PG), but some pervert to get access to Teen areas, as well as for Teens to get access to Adult Areas, and since No Real Life Identity is required such types of things can be hard to track down in real life since you can login to Second Life cross platform from any Free Wi-Fi location which in general makes it the perfect place for stalkers.

    Oh and yes I agree the Internets is, and will always be full of drama, and yes this whole thing is silly, but as a MMORPG player for many years, I have seen my share of companies that over charge its players, I have also never had any drama like this in any other MMORPG based game I have played in, or any game other than Second Life. In Second Life, as long as people are allowed to ban anyone from their own land, make up their own rules, and there is the ability to spread rumors around, then yes there is always going to be drama, I guess you could call it a serious problem with society as of to why there has to be so much drama and hate in a social simulation MMORPG like this, but Yes I sometimes do take Second Life a bit too seriously at times.

  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,105

    Necropost, yeah kinda, however just to post this the same corruption is still going on in this MMORPG, I don't know why this Role-Playing-Game in Second Life is calling itself a MMORPG anyawys, I could understand when they had 32 sims, but now they only have like 11 regions and 100 players max usually when I am on to check it.

    Well anyways here it is, Luxa Budan owns the regions, and the second owner is Sicarius Fegte, Well the problem I still find is that as a GM in this game Bizarre Obscure wants to go around and spread all these rumors, and they have not quit either but over the last 5 months have still been spreading lies which some people I know have helped catch them in a few lies such as these here.

    This is all the drama created by one person in SL with a vendetta named Synphony Vayandar as I posted in some of the logs before none of this started until she started the power spree of I can do it so I will, and then like magic 2 weeks into an appeal months later I get griefed from NoR then get all the rumors, and then I find out about Bizarre Obscure spreads lies about me, at first I gave this person a chance I erased the first log where they accused me of attacking Synphony Vayandar when really I believe it to have been her, a friend of hers, or someone in the NoR community griefing using the drama, but reguardless as a GM Bizarre Obscure pointed the fingers directly at me when in my opinion and what I believe Synphony is behind all of this now more than ever not just trying to stop me from playing in NoR, but attempting to try to get my SL account banned. In a big drama situation like this its hard to be sure of anything, but recently a creator I knew of from 3 years was Copybotted his name Cal Corleone, and without concidence his builds were being used in NoR I believe Dasein Noyes was the owner of the builds he purchased, and the creator of the builds was Synphony Vayandar, these were sent out in quite a few advertisement groups/spam groups, and spammed all over the sandboxes for I think a few days dont remember exactly but it was recent.

    My concern is really if Synphony is behind this griefing, She could be one of those griefers copying other peoples avatars/builds and reuploading them to download sites for others to use. My concern is not only about myself which she has griefed herself using her own name and say I did it, but what damage she could do to others. I have already heard a few complaints about her saying others didn't like her attitude.

    As a result the creator raged on me accusing me of that I am behind it because of Synphony, but in the end they said they would let Linden Lab resolve it, I watched for weeks as Linden Lab did nothing about the notices sent in the group and still have not removed them all from Second Life which he filed a DMCA on based on what he told me. I try not to get pissy at the people who develop our content in SL, I know a lot of the people who develop content at least some, but I don't know them all, and I know how some respond some creators don't care, some get pissed off, others cry I have seen it all.

    But either way I have abused reported both Bizarre Obscure for their lies and rumors he has spread around in Second Life for quite awhile, and given the fact he is a manger, I believe he will try to drag the drama and grief into other sims in SL along with Synphony's rumors in attempt to get me banned from a lot of places I have never been to because that is what these griefers like to do if they can't get you banned from SL then they will attempt to get you banned from as many sims as they can in any way they can.

    Some people have asked why I care so much if I didn't play there.

    1. For starters I had friends in NoR I still have some those that don't fully believe that I had griefed NoR, they pay rent in NoR to  be there sometimes they ask me to stop by but the problem is I can't because I am banned by Bizarre Obscure who manages NoR.

    2. Because I generally just flat out hate being accused of stuff that can't be proven in any way, and I will personally continue to appeal the issue until it is appeal, or make their lives a living hell exposing every rumor they say about me.

    3. Because I have tried peacefully and respectfully many times to help Bizarre, and Synphony, but pretty much syn just gave me the birdy, and Bizarre said we don't deal with terrorists.

    4. Because I hate having to stop when a friend TP's me somewheer and say I am banned then they ask why I have to tell them because Synphony Vayandar griefed me and because Bizarre Obscure believed her lies and helped spread rumors.

    Yes I finally got banned from the Land OF NoR forums which is funny too I didn't actually break a rule and was never warned either, I got banned for appealing, and telling the truth in their appeal section and asking them to stop their rumors.

    In the end I believe Synphony to be behind a lot of this because shortly after my ban from NoR to my knowledge most of the griefer attacks on NoR stopped shortly after because I stop getting spammed by objects using green text in SL aka PN scripts. I have filed AR's on the objects created by her in the sandbox which were CopyBot and over all LL has done nothing about either the griefing, or the Rumors spread by synphony and Bizarre Obscure, I believe this is because they have connections with some Linden Friends, or like they pay a lot of money for 11 sims so they get away with it.

    See the reason Second Life really can't be a MMORPG I have learned over the years of Drama, is because it is always that one person who you trust accept into your group/family, or RP, and then later they end up abusing someone, GM's take sides in the matter instead of remaining neutral and dealing with actual facts they accuse someone because its the easy way to do it. In other words they don't want the community to think they are powerless so its easy to stick blame on someone and easy to do given the fact that synphony for example has 3 close firends who are part of LaceDaemon and rent land in the RPG.

    Besides Second Life, and T4C which they closed down many years ago, I have to say I have never been banned from a actual MMORPG before, sure maybe a warning, or suspension here due to raging at a TROLL sometime, but never an actual ban, so it just goes to show how Second Life MMORPG's  work and the reason why I would say that a better term for Role-Play in SL is RPG, not MMO, but some people choose to list themselves as such with the abuse that goes on its very sad.

  • Bushi131Bushi131 Member Posts: 62

    If you play the game of throne, you can either win or die .....

  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,105

    I know this is an old post about the GM Corruption in NoR and honestly I dont care what people want to believe about NoR as a community.

    RP Community groups in Second Life have a lot of CopyBotting, and its no joke, my first experience was in GoR is where I first encounter the CopyBot, I was with a panther tribe called Sa'Con'Tri'Shena, and I found myself just banned one day which they claimed it was because I was breaking the rules, but I knew better and checked it out on an alternate account to find that my so called sisters were CopyBotting stuff in the sky, and then I started putting things together about what was going on collecting snapshots which I disclosed public, and logs I didn't know much about the bot during these times but learn a lot about it all.

    So basically your telling me that the merchant who works very hard in Real Life to make animations deserves to be ripped off by a group I am part of until I left when I saw what was going on and tracked it down to over 10 Gorean Panther Alliances, friends of friends a lot which were wearing (CB) Items?

    But NoR as a community is just totally disgusting with their corrupt GM's its not that their community didn't do what I want or take my word for it its the fact they refused to review anything, look at anything, or most of all protect the merchants of the grid from these griefers because they were afraid of being constantly attacked in my opinion.

    The issue was very small to begin with, I was lied to by the admin in the first place by saying I wasn't into trouble so basically I wasn't banned and simply put the griefer from NoR and their friends framed me for griefing them to make me look bad by attacking their own regions, spamming my IM's with hateful green text messages, which I snapshot, and finally to make things even worse CopyBotted this entire store whose builds they used on their own Estate and sent them out to a bunch of people with spammers in SL and sandbox etc, and then pointed the finger towards me I would honestly say there is plenty of proof to get rid of this botter from their community forever but instead they didn't want the grief so they covered it up.

    As for now my Second Life account was Hacked, and compromised by the same griefer group this person was affilated with, I have officially quit Second Life for the most part but still active but now am known as "Anonymous" as in only those I trust know who I am now all ties to my old account have been terminated. " My Second Life account was recovered but entire inventory deleted." ( Never Banned.)

    Personally I have a Zero Tolerance policy for griefers, and griefer communities, and with all the proof I gave to the admin in private before being backstabbed by the corrupt  admin, or (GM) I would say they should have review it and been honest about it but to ban my account from all sims refuse to do anything about the griefers it earned them this post and other posts on other forums about their corrupt MMORPG. Yes you can call it CyberBullying if you like but I take a stand for the merchants of the grid in general without giving names who I have witness ripped off constantly by botters, and RP admins who do not give 2 cents.

    Yes  I am still part of an active grid watch community, I still get reports all the time on Griefers, Bots, Cheaters, and I still review them I might not be active in SL, but I am personally not joining another RP Community unless I personally know the owner, or start it myself becuase I am sick of everything going great for about 6 months then a Botter or two show up and ruin the community with cheats and hacks and an Ignorant admin who can't see or do anything about it.

    Also For the record Linden Lab doesn't really ban accounts for CopyBot, any CB viewer can still access Second Life, and They usually only do something if a DMCA report is filed by the merchant. But what good is that if community based RP sims are supporting CopyRight Infingement, or just playing stupid.

    Even if it takes breaking the TOS a bit or bending rules in Second Life to protect a Merchants work, or deal with griefers then so be it Yes I have been threatend by a couple of sim owners to take Legal Actions for what they said was lies and rumors, but in the end they didn't do anything you know why? Because they were indeed guilty they knew I had video, and snapshot of the bot on their simulators and could connect and trace assets being worn by people in the game back to creators who never gave the rights away so they didn't and I assume they didn't want to risk legal issues themselves.

    So yeah maybe I took Second Life a bit too seriously, but yeah I believe our merchants who work hard to bring us great content deserve to have their content protected despite what some like to believe because of the way I do things. Griefers & Griefer Communities get Griefed so I like to say.

  • fleshdancerfleshdancer Member Posts: 2

    I tend to agree with the corruption.  I've played in NoR for a long time, been involved in the roleplay, etc.  When I first got there, I was virtually ignored except for one person who took the time to introduce me to other players and roleplay with me.  She spent time going over the rules with me, advised me on weapons and helped me prepare a backstory for my character.  Gave me a place to stay until I figured out where I wanted to live and buy a place of my own.  She was quite helpful and definitely involved in the community.  I saw her do this with countless players.

    I watched her become an administrator of the sim, only had 2 calls with her, one for me and one against.  She was fair and took the time to explain to me what I could do better, didn't admonish me.  Which was refreshing and encouraged me.  I also watched as people started rumors about her, creating drama.  That place has the most drama llamas I've ever seen.  It's like they thrive on destroying someone who was genuine and kind.  It's become downright toxic.

    Recently, I learned that she was removed from being an admin.  Why, you may ask?  First of all, I learned of her dismissal from a higher administrator, who felt a sense of pride in her removal.  Devulging information about the scenario to me, a regular player, also telling me of her disbelief in her current health issues.  As well as telling me all about them, I felt embarassed for her.  She also had no problem asking me to help her pay her land rental too.  I felt as though I was being rolled. I also heard a player boast about single-handedly having her removed.  Felt is was funny that Bizarre Obscure believed him and his lies simply because his character is a demon.  He also was bragging about the fact they he not only got her fired, he disgraced her and drove her out of NoR altogether. 

    What gets me is that their management seems to have no value for true players.  They encourage and endorse the drama.  I haven't seen a fight or any roleplay there in weeks.  It seems the drama has gotten the better of sim.  No one wants to start fighting because they are afraid of someone harassing them.  I see specific administrators either standing on a rooftop not talking to any players, or terrorizing the newer younger players.  I myself watched as Bizarre Obscure and Candygurl Bing attack players still in single digit levels.  Two high level players, Vestner Serrari and Doria Demen chase down a low level player, 2 on a level 6 who just wanted to roleplay.  I believe that Doria is also a staff member there, a mentor, someone who should be encouraging new players.

    I think absolute power corrupts, if you are not liked, you are not welcome.  In other words, if you choose demon as your race, you have a chance at being encouraged to stay, if not, don't put too much into it, you will be shown the door whether you want it or not.

    Think of it this way, if the management listens to the lies of a scumbag (the guy is actually bragging about this in other sims) over someone they made an administrator, then how would they treat a regular player?  NoR was once a good place to be, but with management changing the skills to suit their own race in order to win battles and fostering an environment of drama llamas, it will be gone soon.  It's sad to say, but I'm afraid I have been seeing long time players trickling out into other sims. 

  • McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,064

    I agree with the OP and Fleshdancer about the level of corruption in NoR without a doubt. I won't comment on the other posts and best to ignore the less than constructive ones.

    I played SL since launch for several years off and on and experienced the drama of NoR firsthand when it got started and saw how bad it got over time. At one time I knew the main owner who founded it and don't doubt how bad it is there due to conversations there. On the bright side, or at least back then, he wasn't the main cause of the problems but was started by the GMs and the faction leaders wanting to cause drama for the sake of it.

    I am not going to go into a long speech about the crud that goes on in the community other than agreeing with the OP that it is royally messed up there. It's best to avoid the RP sims in SL and enjoy the benefits of making money from business in other sims. 

    And for those who asked why some still play SL, my items store for example brings in on average $400 USD on a good month without having to add much in the way of new items or management. And I am by no means one of the succesful builders in the game so you can imagine how much income they make in SL.

    MMOs that allow the ability to earn RL money legally are extremely rare obviously. 

  • asiandragonGravesasiandragonGraves Member Posts: 2
    Fleshdancer- I am glad an admin was able to help you and it seems as you say there were others helping you with a place for your avatar. Awesome! However, regardless of your perception of why an admin was released is an assumption your making. As you said you were a player in NOR for a ling period of time, why? why bother staying some place you feel is corrupt? Why, because you would prefer to write a long post defaming a place YOU played in for a long period of time?  I am embarrassed for you, you have clearly not gotten the reality check that it's just a GAME. And as for the drama you say that is brought on by others, well read your post because the Drama starts when elevated with assumptions and disdain. Let me tell you how easy it is to leave a Video Game. Turn it off.
  • fleshdancerfleshdancer Member Posts: 2

    @Asiandragon - I know it's a game, this is a forum for people who play said games. :)  I enjoyed playing there up until recently.  I, as well as many other players, left.  There is no "perception"  on my part of how this administrator was dismissed.  I heard it directly from one of your senior management and from the troll who lied about her (yes he told me point blank he lied and management believed him over her).  I'm laying it out like it is.  The management there boasts about driving a player out, not perception, fact.  Management so easily swayed by an obvious troll, who by the way, is playing in other sims and telling people what he did.  Can't be that valuable of a player if he's off playing in other sims and bragging about trolling NoR management, can he?

    I played for a long time because I liked the place.  However, as I pointed out earlier, it appears drama has taken over the place.  When it stopped being a game and a personal attack on someone's real life, it becomes toxic.  Then I did simply as you said, "turned it off".  I am hoping that people can avoid being sucked into the toxicity.  If you play there, which I know you do, then you have an opportunity to change the tide.  Take my post as a wake up call and look at management.  People were once flocking to NoR, when I left,  you couldn't find 2 people to even start roleplay, let alone a fight. 

    I don't need to know why an administrator was dismissed, I don't need to know about her personal life outside of SL, but that's what I got from a member of senior management.  Begging me for a "donation" for her tier was just another thing that left a bad taste in my mouth.  To me, that's a person who needs a reality check, there is absolutely no need for anyone to carry on about someone's personal life outside of a game.

    No need to be embarrassed for me, I have a clear view on reality.  It is apparent from your post and deflection that you don't see the reality of what's going on there.  I have no disdain for NoR.  The reality is, NoR is losing players everyday.  SL is as a whole.  I would think that a place would want to keep the players it has and welcome and encourage new players to stay.  Just as I was (by the way, she wasn't an administrator when she helped me, she had no obligation to do so), I was fostered and introduced and encouraged. 

    Judging from your strong response to me and the overall condemning tone, you don't seem to grasp what's really going on.  Deflection doesn't help anyone, but it did prove my point.  If someone complains, listen to them, try to see it from their side, see if there is value there.  Sarcastic replies and belittling a player doesn't really speak well for the place.  If I'm not mistaken, aren't you part of NoR management?   Hmmmm

  • asiandragonGravesasiandragonGraves Member Posts: 2
    Good Morning Fleshdancer thank you for your reply. Yes I am part of NOR Management, I never hid from the fact I wasnt (Hense why i used my NOR Avatar name). As such please feel free to defame me anytime you wish. Honestly, I wasnt being sarcastic but as I see that is how you took it. There are many places in NOR to play and I hope that you have found a better place for yourself. As for Management boasting about driving players out and a player lying and he/she set up a player that is something is worth investigating. You can contact me anytime in SL. If you choose not to than I understand. You have a great evening.
  • AlterkAlterk Member Posts: 5

    I give up.   I haven't found a N O R in the game list here nor have I found it in SL.    What is NOR and what has it to do with Second Life?



  • vestnervestner Member Posts: 1 are of course welcome to your opinion but to call out players like myself and Doria is pretty shallow. I was never a part of NoR staff during my 3 1/2 year tenure in NoR. I've recently left for a myriad of reasons, alot to do with what has been said in this thread. I had the same issues that alot of players had. The NoR community has really taken a nose dive. A big reason I've left of course is the whining that takes place, ie being butthurt about being attacked. Let's go over a few important things to debunk you and in defense of myself and Doria...

    First of all, NoR is a combat/RP sim. The meters used are a PART of the roleplay there. You claim that me and Doria chased a low level down? Do you know why we were chasing this said person down? Were you there for the RP that took place before this happened? Do you know the player who was being chased by us? Or was it you and you are mad that you got defeated by higher level players? As far as Doria goes, she was always terrible in the combat side of if she was chasing someone down, it was for a good reason and that reason was because she was RPing with that person. Be in combat or text based emoting.

    Being a low level does not protect you from being attacked, and it certainly doesn't make you defenseless either. There were TONS of low level players who played the DPS class who could easily take out level 20+ players in a matter of seconds...the DPS class was one of the most popular classes for it's ability to take out high level players. So before you go calling out names on a public forum, at least back up your statements with a bit of backstory. Never did Doria or myself hunt down low level players for shits and giggles. If I attacked someone, it was because the roleplay went in that direction. There were tons of low level players who would come to NoR and try to play aggressive, only to be put in their place by more seasoned veterans of the game. Then they'd whine and complain about it and use the level gap as an excuse for not taking the time to understand that their roleplay had repercussions.

    While I agree with alot of what you said about management and how NoR has turned into a zone where out of character drama runs that place...I can see you were no different from the other toxic players who visited NoR, didn't get their way and decided to complain about it in another public forum, probably cause you were banned from the Land of NoR forums and sims. Again, you have no idea why Doria and myself were chasing a low level player, unless it was you...hell, I don't even know who you are talking about. I chased down alot of players in my time, cause well...that's NoR, combat was a part of the roleplay in NoR as I said before.

    Whiny butthurt players like yourself added to the problems in NoR, which is a big reason I left. Instead of being part of the solution or just leaving quietly, you had to leave kicking and screaming. You perpetuate the same problems that alot of good players in NoR had to deal with and have now moved on.
  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,105

    Wow I have to admit this is a very old thread, but as I have freely admit to before I am not someone who forgets about old issues in MMORPG's, or games, I don't forget easily.

    By the way, I was looking through my computer the other day, as I said I keep records of almost everything in Second Life, and just wanted to say and prove that I was actually telling the truth here on this since I found it something I didn't think existed anymore till recently this many years later. This is me based on the Date Modified time-stamp 2/16/2009, This was my First time in NOR, and my First 3 weeks of being on the Adult Grid after being transferred from the Teen-Grid to adult grid in 2009, This is the day that I will openly admit that I griefed NOR without knowing I was doing it because my Multi-Tool almost crashed your simulator due to the probes it sent out automatically. I was just hanging around NOR Shopping, and exploring this is when NOR Staff were actually respectful enough to give a warning before just banning me and being toxic themselves before all this drama, but something happened they went from 28 sims to like 12 sims Something obviously happened.

    My problem as posted in the OP, is the Admin/Staff that are (GM)'s and totally lied to me multiple times over an incident that took place (OOC) in private messages between a person which respectfully said turned out to be nothing but a Drama-Causing CopyBotter, along with other people who were her friends in NOR which made threats towards me multiple times.

    I honestly don't care anymore because I don't play Second Life anymore because my account was hacked by the same CopyBotting group that this Norian was a part of, and caused me so many issues after seeing me in their sim after seeing who I was and rather than trying to hide behind closed doors of whom they really were they decided to attack me and create problems with NOR Staff whom banned my account from their region without reason rather than saying this is an (OOC) issue it has now jurisdiction in NOR unless she does anything in NOR you can't ban this person, or rather than dealing with the Botting issue after I saw the issue going on in NOR by this person.

    This one Merchant I know of had their entire Simulator of PreFab builds Botted because of the whole war that broke out on NOR I know his name but won't give it because the merchant themselves quit Second Life as well as Quite a few other merchants I know of back in the day and still know today.

    CopyBotting is bad because it hurts merchants, (There are legit uses for a CopyBot) or rather say (Inventory Back-Up) but problem was people abused it, and it wasn't just in NOR either. I know because around the same time I first was ever in NOR I played in a Gorean Simulator, and turned out that at least 20+ people 3 people in our group were CopyBotters, and 20+ from other groups and Role-Play alliances were involved with CopyBotting of many high profile merchants, its how I learned about Botting, and took a stand against it.

    You see in the end, My account was actually hacked finally at last, not sure how exactly likely through a (Media) exploit, or website redirect hack/cookie exploit or something in a TPV or something who knows exactly. But my point is to keep it short, them Botting cheaters, Tried to get my account Perm-Banned multiple times at one point they were successful until Linden Lab reviewed my account and un-banned the account.

    Anyways, as I said NOR, Is not the only community involved with Copy Bot, A Large number of Gorean Role-Play groups are also involved with Copy-Bot, I also was a member of a Military Group before being back-stabbed by a trusted friend and removed because of these Copy-Botters who ripped goods and gave them out trying to get me banned like 2 years ago now I think, but failed. Anyways my group was some-what affiliated to Copy-Botters, but no one in the actual group was abusing merchants and those who actually did were kicked they just had known links back to people who made botting clients and such but as of this they remain the only (Strong) botting group in Second Life, who will knowingly Kick/Ban players who are wearing stolen content, or doing theft.

    I was also a member of Blood-Lines, and the same CopyBotting stuff took place in my Bloodlines group, I tried to do something about it I complained many times to the Owner of our group before getting kicked, and banned because he didn't care.

    NOR, and Goreans, for the most part have not taken a stand against Copy-Botting, because they don't seem to care, of course this is my Opinion, but for the most part most Role-Play sims in Second Life still to this day do not do anything about theft.

    I am not calling all of NOR, and GOR bad, No seriously I am not, it might seem like all Norians, or Goreans, are bad players this is not true, the problem is that NOR has a community of Leaders that to my knowledge to this day still don't care about people using their sims to Copy-Bot others and post their avatars online for download, same thing with a lot of Gorean Simulators a lot of Leaders just are not taking the time to give 2 cents about the Merchants of our grid. 

    I also know of some of the Admins of the NOR community, and I know some of their staff is respectful, But being part of a Community, Guild, or Clan, doesn't do any-good when the Leaders are the ones who are corrupt, or don't care perhaps you are a lower-ranking staff member you are nice, and respectful and care, but when Biz, and the other Owners are the ones who don't care that is where the problems are.

    Its not only Second Life.

    For those who don't know I won't give names of programs due to rules, but I was thinking about giving IMVU a chance, but then I read on the internet that IMVU also has a CopyBot, where people can steal the mesh files just the same way that Second Life has a Copy-Bot, same thing with Avi-Nation, InWorldz, and all other Virtual Worlds that use the Second Life client/software.

    My point for the Original Post & This Post is to make people aware that.

    . The GM's of NOR are corrupt they lied to me multiple times about things.

    . That we need more Role-Play Community's, and Role-Players/Staff that care about our merchants, not to knowingly allow Copy-Botting to run rampant on their regions or support use of stolen goods openly on their regions.

    You see this whole Drama,  the Griefing NOR got back 1-2 years ago, Could have been avoided had the GM's not have banned me from the simulator for no reason, but had they have actually said, we will investigate the issue, we  truly do not support this, and not have banned without providing a good reason and proof of rules broken, Then this issue would have never been posted here 1-2 years ago.

    Bottom Line my opinion on the whole grid, Second Life is a lost cause unless the Linden Lab CEO, and staff themselves can add more security to Second Life, I say the ability to hack other players accounts, Phishing, and Account compromises is quite high, there is pretty much nothing Linden Lab can do in the event a persons entire inventory is deleted like mine which as a result Makes the game unsafe for everyone, what if Fire Storm, or some other TPV you are using becomes compromised and 100 users or more get their entire inventory deleted then what? My point is, Second Life is fun for social interaction, Unique, and fun For Cos-playing, and Role-Playing all great things, but Second Life Isn't worth investing lots of money into until Linden Lab, can add more security to the game, and IP to Email verification similar to Guild Wars 2 to prevent account hacking.

    For me Second Life, is done for because what I was looking for and one enjoyed in Second Life other than Avatar Customization, I can find in other games like MCM Combat Operations, Virtual Military Combat, Fishing, I can find all these in other MMO's such as.

    1.) World Tour Fishing = 7 Seas.

    2.) APB reloaded

    3.) Guild Wars 2

    4.) Rift

    5. ) ESO

    6.) Entropia Universe

    7.) EVE Online

    8.) Dark Fall Online

    9.) League OF Legends

    10.) World OF Tanks

    11.) Star Citizen

    12.) Cyber Punk 2077

    13.) Aion

    14.) Face OF Mankind

    I understand these games will never Equal up to the Unique Customization Second Life has when it comes to avatar Customization, custom 3D Builds, but for the most part they are what I was looking for and waiting for over the years, although not 100% what I was always looking for when I started Second Life was something Unique, now with the future of Graphics Card Technology, and new games Sooner or Later we are going to have the future of gaming with actual Combat, Role-Play, and such that is high graphics design, Realistic, Customize-able, and fun similar to SL.

    To be honest the only thing I miss from Second Life, Is the Military RP group I was once a member of before being back-stabbed, and being dishonorably kicked out, although I still know of most of the people from the group and one day if Second Life improves should I return Might return back there once again, Great community of people I respect, although the general combat community has taken a dump I think, and for the most part the type of Combat I was looking for in Second Life was just never there and likely won't be Don't get me wrong I love the group I was part of, but I liked and enjoyed my freedom to customize my character.

    But to be honest, I understand that this community was just trying to keep a good name after knowing about me, and merchants getting attacked by others using my name, getting temporary banned by Linden Lab for investigation at one point, How do you know who to believe I had 20+ merchants contact me in one day, All of them believed that I wasn't behind the attacks, and kept an open mind despite efforts, just because the owner of New Jessie decided to be a back-stabber and open their mouth when I talked to them about some things and told them I hate Red Zone, and systems that Violate our privacy and information on the Bot then they open their mouth I just don't think that was cool, but still respect the Combat Community for at least making an effort to do their Job, and rid the community of botters. Hey at least they didn't ban me, they just removed me, and I am sure now this many years later if I wanted to join one of their groups they would likely allow me to.

    Here are links on Second Life's Decline.

    Perhaps one day Second Life will become better, more improved, more stable, and more security, or Perhaps Linden Lab is working on a new Virtual World already, I remember reading something about a future Second Life, and the Occulus in the new virtual world already which is what I hope for a game free from theft again old mistakes LL made.

    Yes its a long post but the posts go on the search engine, and old players looking up things like me Eventually run into posts/old posts, and finally read responses/share opinions and experiences.

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