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New Naruto Based RPG

Hey guys for those of you who know TNR well theres a new game simular that just came out. Its another text based naruto rpg:

[mod edit]

Give it a try

Shinobi Battles is a brand new game that barley came out a couple days ago. But already it has nearly 200 users and almost 30 users online constantly, it definitely should see lots of growth.

It is still new and will continue to grow with new features and events added often.


  • gamebuggamebug Member Posts: 3

    will see how it looks..

  • quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

     I know a great feature they should add, screenshots and info on the website :p

    As it is its like, fill out this random form, for reasons unknown :p


  • NeoSasukeNeoSasuke Member Posts: 2

    Its day 3 x_x screenshots should be up today

    and that random forum thinggy? thats called registration which you have to do to play

  • ars2010ars2010 Member Posts: 15

    interesting! I should try naruto! :)

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    If this game is any good to play, I will play the crap out of it!:D getting excited

  • zachmatthewszachmatthews Member Posts: 7

    same here legend ! :D

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    Originally posted by zachmatthews

    same here legend ! :D

    hahaha:D you should also try pockie ninja! 

  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    wait what was the original naruto like game called or was it pockie ninja? 

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    Originally posted by ForTheCity

    wait what was the original naruto like game called or was it pockie ninja? 

    Shinobi Battles:D haha, getting confused?:D

  • savana852savana852 Member Posts: 3
    Any updates regarding this Naruto based RPG? :)
  • kingotnwkingotnw Member UncommonPosts: 103
    I am alson wondering what is happening with the Naruto RPG. Honestly I have been sort of waiting for someone to do one and plan on playing the hell out of it when they do. I don't understand why there is no RPG based on the NAruto universe at this point anyways.
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