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Planet Arkadia - Sneak Preview of VU 2011.6

narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

I found this and thought I would share,




Planet Arkadia - Sci-fi Treasure Hunting


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you on making it to Planet Arkadia. Hope you are having an enjoyable time on the planet so far. 

It has been a pretty awesome four months for Planet Arkadia in which we have achieved several milestones. Here are some of them:

  • Implementation of the Arkadia Adviser program where experienced players can help new participants to learn the game

  • Introduction of Celeste Quarry, an area specially designed for interaction of the Arkadia Advisers and new participants

  • Introduction of 2 new creatures, the Ostelok and Feran

  • 5 version updates, improving the user experience on Arkadia

  • Executed 10 in-game and forum events where great prizes (both in-game and real life) have been given out

What's more, we have the Arkadia Version Update 2011.6 happening next week (currently due on the 18th October 2011). Here are some improvements you can expect from this update:

Arrival of material textures


Texture change for Carabok, Halix, Madana and Jori

Cave systems added near Courageous Firebase Academy and Resolute Firebase Academy


Celeste Harbour Town Square Overhaul, Phase 1 completion


Celeste Quarry Teleporter is now accessible to everyone without the need to first visit it


 Underwater visibility improved


Ambient light levels at night increased


Most of the improvements have been suggested by Planet Arkadia participants like you and I'd like to express our thanks to all those who gave valuable feedback to the team to make Planet Arkadia a better place. Keep your suggestions coming!

I'd also like to take the opportunity to bring you more good news. Following the success of the previous Alienware events, we are bringing to you the Alienware Pied Piper event! This event will be coming soon, so do watch out for announcements.

The Alienware™ Pied Piper event is proudly sponsored by Alienware. To find out more details of the Alienware TactX™ mouse, please visit or

We are still on track to introduce several features on Arkadia including more rewards-based missions, clothing, as well as shops and apartments. I hope you are as excited as I am with Arkadia's future.

We'd also like to congratulate Mr, David Simmonds who has been appointed the new CEO of MindArk PE AB. Planet Arkadia has enjoyed a very good working relationship with David Simmonds over the past 2 years (in his role as Business Development Director) and we look forward to that continuing into the future.

Take care and see you on Arkadia!


Cyrus Chen

Community Relations Manager, Planet Arkadia

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